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Lover of books, coffee, and inarizushi.
Just another disillusioned Millennial wasting away the hours in a thousand fictional worlds.

Amateurish in all things.
I won't pretend to be an actual artist.

I'm really just here to try and maintain some accountability, maybe even learn a bit.
I'm not an artist, and I've barely drawn at all for the past ten years, but honestly I was always slightly jealous of people who could and I've decided to finally trade in that jealousy for like... actually trying to learn to create things myself. It's gonna be slow progress, and there's gonna be a lot of really embarrassing "art". I kinda know what I need to work on, I just need to figure out how to work on it.
I'm too old to be on DA again lmao

I'm really, really bad at staying in touch with people. If I don't get back to you, just know that it's me, not you. You're probably lovely.



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I was looking at my gallery the other day, gaging progress, trying to see if I could spot any obvious areas for improvement.
And oh boy, did I spot an obvious area.

Everything I draw looks the same.

Maybe not in terms of actual features.  Maybe not even particularly in the posing, since I've tried to vary that somewhat each time to try and avoid this very issue.  But it's all the same.  
Looking at my gallery right now, left to right, it's like... headshot; headshot; headshot; upper body shot; headshot; headshot; headshot; full body !!; headshot; headshot...  You see where I'm going with this.
And the thing is, they're not that varied in posing either.  They're not identical, but they are very very similar.  And some of that definitely comes from me just not being good enough with head anatomy to do anything particularly interesting, and that's grand, that will come with time and practice, I know that.
But still.  I've been drawing (consistently) for a few months and I'm already in a rut.  I've already hit a wall.

So what do I do?  I don't want to just keep drawing the same thing over and over again, and reinforcing that comfort zone.  I want to push the comfort zone, that's the only way to learn something new afterall, right?  But whenever I try to draw a person, I end up falling into that 3/4 view headshot comfort zone before I've even really caught myself.  Even if I try to do something else.

So today, I am going to follow a Bob Ross painting tutorial.  And it's going to be a disaster, because he's a traditional artist and I'm digital.  Because I have no experience whatsoever painting landscapes and scenery.  Because he's exceptionally skilled, and I am far from.  But I'm going to do it anyway.
I've been pretty severely background-phobic, as my gallery will show, for ever.  Even as a child, before I gave up drawing for that big ol' 11-year gap, I never really drew scenery.  I can remember two times in my life painting landscapes.  The first, I was a tiny, tiny child with those cheapo pan watercolours every kid had, and I painted a sunset over the sea.  It was, of course, terrible.  I was a kid, of course it was.  The second, I was maybe fourteen or fifteen.  I had a very small, square canvas that I'd... acquired from the art room in school, and a bunch of... I wanna say acrylics.  I remember having a big acrylic phase during secondary school.  Anyway, I copied this photograph directly out of a copy of National Geographic, it was a gorgeous image of a lone tree against an inky blue sky with a bright, full moon.  The ground below was flat, it was nothing complex.  I never finished that painting, but I liked the process of making it at the time.  It was tranquil, and if I can I'd like to see if I can recapture some of that tranquility.
I've avoided scenery and backgrounds for some time now, because I'm so afraid of "messing it up" or "not being good at it".  But hey. 
Related image

Update:  Oh boy this is so much harder than I had ever imagined.

Obviously this is still a wip, but I... I have no idea how to go about starting to clean this up when the time comes.  Bob Ross (the man, the myth) just started whacking down paint, so I did the same with what brushes I had to get a similar effect to what he was getting.  But... he's going so fast, man, and I keep having to stop to add in more details and fix things.  Obviously to some extent this is just because >he's really skilled >I'm a novice >he's using paint >I'm using paint tool sai, but it's... I dunno.  This is such a weird experience, not the even have sketched anything.  The composition is terrible, the colour palette is... kinda random? and everything is way, way blendier in my piece than it is in his (because digital).
I don't hate it, but at the same time it's kind of a disaster so far huh :')


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You're very welcome!  Your art is great, and I like to keep an eye on people whose work I admire :)
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