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Q-works' Xiao: sketch

A sketch of my friend, as well as :iconsaru-ouji:'s friend, :iconq-works:'s OC character Ms. Xiao :3~
gonna do a colored one later X3~
btw it says Xiao in Chinese on her shirt ;p

Xiao © :iconq-works:
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cute, but her arm doesn't look long enough.

Just a note for the future! :D
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hehe yea I know I drew it quickly and was sleepy
I'll probably do better soon practicing with live model in class finally ^^

thanks though :3~
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and have fun with the live modeling stuff!
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hehe thanks its been pretty fun so far :3~ wish I could show some of them but my sister broke my camera by accident ;-;
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yea ;-; poor camera.. it was a cute camera (and a gift) and I barely even got to use it ;-;
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Oh thank you so much! My first fan art from someone who has never read my story. That makes me happy because it means that you like the character! YAY! Seriously, I love it. You even have the Xiao specific features such as her lines under her eyes and her three front hairs. Can I post this on my allstartists new art blog? I try to put up art of my stuff and "inspired" things. Just TOO Jawesome!
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you welcome! lol :3~ It was from a story? I thought she was just a cute OC you made up XD thats usually how mines are anyways ^^;;;; cept my very first OC. That was a long novel I did as a kid.
sure go ahead its your character :3~
I'll probably do a better picture for you later though this ones just a quick sketch lol I was sleepy when I drew it ^^;;;;
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Well regardless, thank you for taking the time to draw up Xiao. If you want to read the story, I can send it to you if you want. Just PM your email address. (I love to share my stories!) Although, ironically, you dolled Xaio up lol. If you read the story, you'll see that no one particularly thinks very highly of her...yet. Tez and her have a very special bond... but thats the most previews youll get from me lol. Once you read the story, you'll notice my deviant art have a really common theme as far as the pictures I put up go.
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<3 sure I'd love to read the story I used to write stories too when I was little. I stopped though since I started drawing more instead lol. But I can still appreciate a good story :3~
thats just my style I tend to doll up anyone
even guys ^^; I draw very feminine most of the time, though I can try to draw a more normal picture.. if I... actually never tried dunno if I could lol
interesting would love to find out more about it then (:
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