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You can get my best commission rates now on Patreon.
Only a few slots each month so be quick if you want one! :)
D.Va Painting process
PSD file: ;
Isn't Roller Derby awesome? XD
Made this one for "Character Design Challenge" on Facebook.
I don't expect to win but it was fun to take part ^_^
WIP files and layered PSD files will be available at the end of the month to my patrons:
Or get them directly here:

Roller Derby by sykosan

I am proud to say that this illustration was created for 3D Total's awesome upcoming book:

Beginner's Guide to Comic Art: Characters.…

It is more than an illustration, it is also a tutorial!! And the book features many great artists, so check it out! Click on the tab marked "preview" to see the pages.
It's a massive 200 pages book !!

Tutorial instructions are only in the book but my patrons will get the HD files at the end of January, so support me know if you want to get them ;)
I also made a process video for Patreon and Gumroad exclusively.
You can get PSD files, WIP files and the video right now on:
Hey there.
I open for commissions again.
Send me a note or email me if you are interested :)

Illustration Rates by sykosan
Commissions on hold for the moment.

So I will be available for a little while to take a few commissions.
If some of you are interested, drop me a note or email me. :)

  • * NOTE:
    You can reduce the costs if you can help with inking or even colouring and shading.
    That's if you are good with inking or colours ;)
    That way you can save some money ^_^
    Why not?

Character illustrations: 
  • Sketch: $50
  • Clean: +$50 or *free if you can help with that
  • Colours and shading: +$50

Character animations:
(per second of animation)
  • Sketched key frames: $125/sec
  • Inks: +$125/sec or *free if you can help with that
  • Colours and shading: +$125/sec or *free if you can help with that
  • Inbetweening: +$125/sec
These rates do not include backgrounds, but we can discuss what's possible.
Feel free to contact me via email at:
Or send me a note here on Deviant Art.

Examples of previous work in animation:
Swiss Mountain by sykosan<da:thumb id="495020581"/> Goal Keeper by sykosan Terry KOF Sprite HD by sykosan Dawn Space Shuttle Shot by sykosan King Ryu Animation by sykosan Chun Li Punch Color by sykosan Dragon And Warrior Animation by sykosan Rihanna Animation by sykosan El Zombo by sykosan Over 100 000 by sykosan Vector-Badge-Colours by sykosan GunGirl Gif by sykosan Gatling Stance by sykosan Bastion's 7 Animation Teaser by sykosan Steel Wolf by sykosan Liana by sykosan

Thanks ^_^
Follow me now on Facebook here:

And on Google Plus here :…

Yay ^_^
I created a Pixiv account :)
Here's my page :
Let me know if you're on Pixiv too ;)
I have started showing off youtube videos in my gallery like this one for example :

Some people asked how it's done, so here's the idea. You need to create a SWF file (with flash) that you then upload to DA.

So the question is: how do you embed a youtube video in a flash file ?

Well I am not really good at Flash myself but I found some information on internet and I just followed the instructions. So all I am doing is showing you the links that helped me achieve it. Here you go :…

For programmers,  you can refer to Google's official instructions here :…

Good luck !!
Does anyone know of a good animation app?
For android preferably!
If you do please let us know :)

I got myself a nice Samsung Galaxy Note (very happy with it, it rocks)
Here are the animation apps I personally recommend until something better comes up:

Great and fun app.…

TV Paint
Most professional and complete app is TV Paint. Rather expensive though.
To be downloaded from their website where you can get a trial version:…