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Gatling Stance

Sprite animation of Gatling for a cool game project called CORElated and created by Murdrum Interactive. More info here:
A few more moves to come for this character :)
Note: This is 2D animation (not 3D). 
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SOULEATER7933's avatar
This a great animated sprite. It reminds me of Arc System Works animations.
Hnai's avatar
Is it frame by frame?
krypticstudio's avatar
how are your inbetweens so smooth and nice ... do u use twixor in AE for the smooth movement 
JazylH's avatar
You are too good!
AstralNovas's avatar
such a skill !! 
Gugarts's avatar
You are using the liquify of AE?
sykosan's avatar
Photoshop actually.
zackdodo68's avatar
This is amazine~! Epic work!
DarinHuddy's avatar
:D (Big Grin) OK...this is cool. Nice job. I have recently completed an 8 week course in animating using PS, so yeah, I appreciate your work here a lot. Well done!
2dforever's avatar
Fantasic, really fantastic. I'd love to know how you use the tools to create these effects. I'm assuming After effects is your goto tool to tween? Love your work :)
Did you do the artwork for gate or just the animation
tiocleiton's avatar
some elements of the after effect I can identify, but this effect fantastico light is still a mystery to me.
JBantha's avatar
Is there a tutorial or something similar for this animation technique on After Effects? reminds me so much of the Dragons' Crown's animation style.
Velbette's avatar
this is nice...are you using keyframes or morphing? or is it all hand drawn?
iRashman's avatar
Good lord! How are you doing this? How come it looks like 3D WHILE IT ISN'T 3D!!!!!!!

Way too cool! Nice job!
vanceinfinity's avatar
xXTaseManXx's avatar
FKING AWSOME!!!!!!! may i ask if there is atutorial anywhere on the interne to learn smtihhng like this ^^ ?
AtsusaKaneytza's avatar
That's 2D??? That's insanely good, it looks like 3D toon shading, that's insanely good. D8

So do you do all of your animations in Photoshop and After Effects?
sykosan's avatar
Haha. Thanks. I use other software too but mainly those two.
AtsusaKaneytza's avatar
I just noticed how redundant that sentence was (I think I pasted twice omg orz)
But that's really is cool!

I hope I'm not bugging you, or if it's an obvious question but can animation as fluid as yours be achieved with a plain old tablet and GIMP? (I'm kind of hoping to get started on a semi-animated series)
sykosan's avatar
To be honest I don't know gimp well enough. I don't know if it has any animation features. But I would be curious to know.
AtsusaKaneytza's avatar
It actually does have an animation playback function! (I find it more straightforward than Photoshop's.)
sykosan's avatar
Good to hear. I shall check it out :)
Estigmaxxx's avatar
looks like 3d
good work
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