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Fight Animation Test

Animation test for my project Dawn.
Support this project and get HD and PSD files at:
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Do you take commissions on this style of art?

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Love it Fantastic Animation Style

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So when are you going to post this onto Sakugabooru?
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she's hot when she kicks butt
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I want to do animation as well, any tips?
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Nice animation test. You're pretty good.
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Just out of curiosity, how many total frames is this?
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Ever thought about animating a music video?
RockCloudSam's avatar
Gotta Love Action Heroes!!!>w<
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Wow, this would be a PERFECT Battle Angel Alita scene!
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That girl has huge...power XD 
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If this is a test, you most certainly passed. :clap:
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I don't know why but she makes me think of a character named Eve from an old webcomic called AppleGeeks, this is amazing though
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Who is this bad ass girl!!?
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How very Gully of you! :P
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