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Catsuka Gif 02

Another GIF of the animation we created for Catsuka.
Watch it in HD with sound on Youtube:…

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This is really cool. Very cool BG. Hardly seen lighting and a 3d model done like this before. Very well done. You can give the industry a few lessons. I guess it is hard for this art style, when determining where the sketch lines go when the light dissipates and resurfaces. Too many, too less, or the Misplacement of the sketch-lines could cause the art style that it is to suffer. Well done.
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Thanks. This is all 2D stuff.
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Does it matter? It all looks equally good. 3D just has a different feel than 2D. I see 2D as vibrant, precise, bright, and likable. 3D to me does come off more real, bulky, and the convert of reality into fantasy, but I like 2D fantasy better. To me its the furthermost away from reality.
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As Naniga123 said before me, Youtube says the video you gave the link to is unavailable. I don't know what that's about, but i'd really like to still be able to watch it. Is there perhaps another link or..?
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Yes, sorry about that. Here it is:…
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Your link said it's unavailable. :'^(
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Sorry about that. Here's a new link:…
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Sorry for the late reply. Thank you very much.
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I'm dying... :D really great job! :-)
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How was it done? 3D or 2D?
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This guy does 2D almost exclusively, so this is 2D but instead of drawing complete new frames to simulate 3D he just has a bajillion layers and moves/distorts a ton of 2d pieces. So he only has to draw one squid and one man in this case, but it would have been a pile of work to move all the parts flawlessly. I haven't found anywhere where he says what program he uses.
HentaiChimp's avatar
I don't really know how he's doing that, but it looks utterly amazing. The couple of times I used photoshop to do animation I found it a bit too complicated and slow process.
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He draws in photoshop with many many layers, exports to AfterEffects, shifts and distorts the "bajilion layers" with ease-in/out, adds shading using keyframed feathered masks. Voila!
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This is amazing! I love the 3d~! Good-Good!:heart:
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the octopus kind'a reminds me off Ikalgo of Hunter x Hunter..
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this deserves allama
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This is awesome, I watch your gallery but I can't figure it out what did you use, some 3D program or what! Help me, this is killing me Wink/Razz 
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Hey, it's the octopus that becomes the guy's arm cannon. Just love how slick your animations are, I was certain you had a 3d object for reference.
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Hahahaha love this
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The Karate dude reminds me of Gong from Shining Force a little.  Neat regardless.
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