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Looney Tunes Sykons

We've all watched them as kids and each character is etched into our brains and hearts. The amount of work put into each episode was tremendous and it showed in the finished product. You know you created a successful series when nearly 80 years after you created it, it's still popular. These cartoons are classics and every time I watch them I am reminded of my childhood. I took a while to create these because I wanted to accomplish every idea I had and polish them up to meet my standards. So with that said, I present to you my Looney Tunes Sykons. This pack includes 53 icons of almost every famous Looney Tunes character. Please comment and enjoy!

The images or characters depicted in these icons are © by Warner Bros. Entertainment
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Why Porky is woth his 30's design, Yosemite Sam with a different hat and Hazel with skin color?
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My life is finally complete -- Thanks
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why the hell isn't Wile e. in this!!!!!!
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He is o.o. You just have to download it.
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whats the name of the spanish talking mouse?
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Speedy Gonzalez, the fastest mouse in all of mexico.
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But there weren't any icons and stuff that I was interested in.
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Nicely done. :clap:

Suggested addendums would be the Goofy Gophers (Mac & Tosh) and the "That's All Folks!" closing screen (with and without Porky).
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Ha, I never thought of the Goofy Gophers :doh:. I actually had the "That's All Folks!" screen in mind but it never made it to the final pack :(. The Barnyard Dawg actually slipped my mind as well! I will definitely consider all of these.. I'll either add them to this pack or the next pack I put out. Thanks for the suggestions.
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Oh yes, and perhaps Foghorn Leghorn and that poor dawg he was always harassing. :bucktooth:
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:blush: Oops - Foghorn is in there - I overlooked him.
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I've forgotten some of these.
I really see what you mean about the memories.:)

Great idea, thanks!:lol:

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