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Just did up a doodle. Slightly different from the normal - spot the difference!
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"I want a copy of that report on my desk by 9 tommorrow!"

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yellowroseartHobbyist Digital Artist
ha! :)
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Aaahahahahaaaaa! If you squint, the copier looks like one of those fancy commodes the Japanese like so much. :D

I can see Korra doing this in Asami Sato's office when no one's looking.
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Reagen-BHobbyist Writer
Love it :)
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DarkKnight1664Hobbyist Photographer
I've never actually seen anyone do this or a copy, I've only heard of breaking the glass attempting it! Does anyone know anyone that has done this for real or seen a copy?
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A Savin copier stands up to the standard butt pretty good. The secret is to get in a chair and *lightly* plant your tush on the glass, not jump up and hoist yourself up on it.

 I had a co-worker who was fired and he made pictures of his bottom, and got an accidental shot of the bits and pieces as a bonus too, and later taped the copies to the boss' door.

I pressed the button. 

A couple of years later I had enough of helping the rest of the department carry the manager and having him yell at me like a dog to boot, so I quit, (not fired) but I completely prepared for it. I bought Rosetta Stone's Russian program and learned to speak it fluently so I could tell him what I thought of him in his native language.

The look on his filthy, judgmental, domineering, nasty little sewer rat face was worth the months of learning an alphabet that looks like all the keys you never want to push on a calculator. 
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I like your work you have a really cool style
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SibireunHaskiHobbyist Digital Artist
The day I do this, the day my bucketlist will be complete. It would be totally worth it also. 
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press the print button.... i said press it!!!!!!
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Well, that's certainly not a "Volvo"
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AiKaminaryHobbyist Artist
Love this colours! 
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JullezArtProfessional Digital Artist
great style and design
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inobliterableStudent Digital Artist
How "cheeky"! ; ) 
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Power-of-PassionHobbyist Digital Artist
badum tssh!
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Love it.  Perfect.  Love the lines, the color, the attitude.  Perfect.
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Wonder-land--ArtStudent Digital Artist
Very interesting. I love the facial expression. "Just mess with me man." lol

~Please visit my DeviantArt:
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PCanilhoStudent General Artist
Aahahaha... cool!!! :) 
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SestradARTHobbyist General Artist
DAT ASS!! Jaja
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At first, I thought there was nothing wrong with this. Then I saw what she was sitting on.
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IcydoorProfessional Traditional Artist
Woho ho ho ho.. oh mygodNosebleed Emote Aura nosebleed plz Popcorn 
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Oh you naughty, naughty girl. LOL
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