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Illustrated Norse Cosmos

By sydniart
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This is a poster commission I did for a folk band ( ). They sent it to buyers of their newest CD this month.
It is a self-contained illustration of the world according to Norse mythology. The places and characters are all labeled in this image; I will be uploading a text-free version soon.
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I like the idea of Asgard being a little high up, as it is often depicted, however Odin himself says in the Prose Edda that Yggdrasil's three roots lead to three places, one of them being at Asgard. However, in the Poectic Edda poem of Grímnismál Odin says that under one root Hel lives (Helheimr), under another the jötnar (Jötunheimr) live and under the third lives mankind (Midgardr).
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Awesome. I must fav this or I'll never find peace again.
will you upload a text-free version? ;)
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this is absolutely stunning work!
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What a lovely piece of work!  This is a glorious rendition of the major events and places in Norse Mythology. I'm astounded that you got everything to interlock so nicely - well done!  Thanks for sharing...
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Thanks! It went through a ton of revisions over several months, especially how to portray Muspelheim and Niflheim on the edges. But I like the end result :)
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This is perfect. I would really like to print this and hang it above my altar.
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Haha thanks :) I'm trying to make it available as a print, but it's not going through for some reason. Working with DA tech support right now.
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When it's available, I'd definitely spend my money on it.
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I think the problem is fixed, it should be available to print now :)
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wow amazing :O
Iglybo's avatar
no problem ^^
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Wow this one of the most epic pics about the different worlds in the germanic universe I´ve ever seen **
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Thanks! My client is a historian who specializes in Norse mythology. I worked back and forth with her to make sure things are more or less accurate :).
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Really great, you should do more legends, maybe even Siegfried the dragon-slayer? Or Arminius, hehe^^
sydniart's avatar
Haha, I'd certainly ask your help with Arminius :)
Arminius1871's avatar
Haha thanks XD

Here already some inspiration:…

We call your wolves, and call your spear, we call all 12 down from heaven to us.
We call especially you, now begins the big hunt, now let the horn sound,
don´t whine for the fallen.

The enemy will be defeated before the morning dawns!....
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wow, that's really cool!!! I love it
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