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Just a quick question here, kind of need help; I have some files that are corrupted. The files itself seems to be fine, but when I open it, there is this 'Windows photo viewer can't open this picture' error.


I can't open the files in other software, so they are just kind of floating here. I only know so much code, so I am unsure if this will be too complicated or not. 

Before people get their knickers in a twist, hold your horses, because things are about to get candid.. heh

Firstly, I am writing this because I saw a recent article that BronyCon is about to have their final event next year, and it sadden me for two reasons…

One: I have never been to BronyCon. Ever. I always wanted to go, but never got the chance (or cash hehe) together to make it in time. I currently live only two states below Maryland, so I am not that far away.

And two: I realized the show itself is coming to an end. On top of that, it occurred to me that I haven’t watched the show since the movie release, and I missed the latest two seasons. (S7 and S8) So, I don’t know what has been going on. I feel that the show could have canceled nicely with Season 6.

Meanwhile, I know the MLP FiM fandom gets a 50/50 percentage of hate and love. However, in the past couple if years, I feel like it has gotten worse. I’ll get to the point now.

Listen. There are a crap-ton of creeps and weirdos that make hentai/porno of the main characters, weird fanfics, etc. But this is not the entire fandom, or at least how it used to be. (And reality check, this is pretty much how it has been, and is going to be with every single fandom out there, alas.) As they do say on the internet: “If it exists, there IS porn of it!” (Again, unfortunately as in, it’s out of our control)

I’ve seen that the creeps in this fandom has grown, maybe even a bit more than some of us ‘normal’ fans, that for petes sake, just practically enjoy the show and the beautifully written storyline.

This sadden me. When the show cancels, will people only remember it for the “creepy” part of the fandom, as the whole fandom? When some of us will say in the background, “No! Wait! This fandom wasn’t entirely creepy! There was some normal people here! HELLooooooo…?![echoes in the background]

What also kind of irritated me, is someone actually made a (now closed) petition on to cancel MLP: FiM because it’s ‘going downhill’ and the ‘creepy fandom’.

I really hope people don’t think the ENTIRETY of the fandom was only “50 year-old men that watch the show, make rule34, or are even pedos” which is NOT the case. Yes! I am defending this show! It’s, unfortunately again, misunderstood! I didn’t want this to be a rant post, but I felt like I should needed to share my opinions.

What do you guys think? Is this fandom dead? Has it always been half dead, and now kind of a zombie? 

Feel free to check out my price list and commission info in my other journals.



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