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Yes, I think you should finish, and color it. I'd like to see how it looks when more defined. Ah. Defined is a good word to use. Before reading your description, I didn't associate the image with freedom. I think whatever you do, it should be more defined. Of course, you probably already intended to do that.

If you do decide to go in another direction, I think it would be cool to use something with wings. I know it's cliche to associate freedom with flying, and therefore wings, but I like it that way.

Maybe a valkyrie, with eagle wings and an american flag for a cloak, helping dead American soldiers rise up from their resting places on the field of battle. The soldier gets a place of honor, and it emphasizes the "freedom isn't free" idea. The only thing is how to translate (without confusion of intent) the valkyrie into a symbol of freedom instead of a vehicle for a soldier's honor. Hmmm.

I apologize. I'm no longer critiquing, I'm running away with my own ideas. My wife tells me I do that. Anyway, if you manage to wade through all the rambling, I hope something I wrote can be of use.
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TakadaSaiko Featured By Owner Jan 30, 2010  Hobbyist General Artist
Sorry, I suppose you wouldn't know if you haven't followed a lot of my stuff. The characer's name is Freedom Lewis. She's out of my book The Liberty Pole. ^^;
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