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The Religious Freak's Furby Horror!

This is a reference to a line in Brad "Cimema Snob" Jones' review of an incredibly stupid bit of religious/"Satanic Panic" insanity called Deception of a Generation, a bit of junk described in detail, on another website, here:…

Anyway, in the 80's, two dorks named Gary "Ron Burgundy" Greenwald & Phil "Richie Rich" Phillips decided to make a religious propaganda video series telling folks that everything that is toys, cartoons, etc. is EVIL! EVIIIIL!

And so, our hero, Brad Jones, who also plays B-Movie reviewer character extraordinaire, THE CINEMA SNOB, in his other series, DVD-R Hell (where he is himself rather than The Snob) RIPS THESE TWO BONEHEADS A NEW ONE!

I was inspired by SithVampireMaster27's bit involving these guys:


Anyway, the line in question (concerning Furbys, comes at 9:20 of Part 2)
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Hahahaha that's nice!!! XD :D
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Ooh! Guess what? I'M 40 YEARS OLD NOW!
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Howdy! Sorry for the delay! WAZZUP?!

Isn't this pic hilarious? You should see the videos. These guys are ridiculous!
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I haven' quite seen that no, whenever my mind draws a blank I resolve to just say Hi :wave:
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Sorry for the long delay. I'm doing fine and it's my birthday, today. March 12th. I'm FORTY!!!! Eyepopping 
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LOL hahahahah, that's gold xD I've seen that xD
Like, it makes no sense xD That image of the guy cutting his wrists, LOL.
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I know, and seeing the present-day version of him (at the end of Part 2) is SCARY!

In the 80's, he just a dorky, boyish-looking Ken Doll kid-man. Today, he's a slimy, doughy "Vegas Elvis/Mid-Aged Jerry Lee Lwis/Pervert"-thing. *BLAUGH*!

....not that he wasn't creepy as a young guy.
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True, ahahaha xD.
 LOL that's all true. When he was younger he wasn't creepy... xP
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Well, less creepy. But, yeah.
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Gosh :o (Eek) *HORROR*? Sorry, I don't know the background. but Interesting. yeah Check out the vid. ;) (Wink) 
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Thank you for the Watch & Faves.

The videos will explain everything.

Basically, a guy named Brad Jones reviews a silly propaganda video by two religious zealots and tells them they are idiots & why.
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For a great laugh, check out the videos!
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I don't get it... but I know the two characters, and the demons behind them~
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The description explains everything.

The two guys are real-life religious nuts who made a video (In the 1980's) where they basically declared all of the then-current kid's toys and cartoon shows evil & demonic.
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Everything is evil and demonic. Like Pokemon, how it brainwashes kids to believe in evolution and get them to stray from the path and into the arms of Satan, for example.
We're all going to hell for playing Pokemon! :D

Sadly though, I don't really remember much of the 1980's for obvious reasons ;P
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Those religious nuts are ridiculous, aren't they?

I'm old enough to remember the 80's. I was born in 1975.

Yes, I'm THAT old!
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Any religious nuts are ridiculous, lots of nuts are ridiculous... I could say staff here at DA are ridiculous too... I will stop before going into a rant, though.

Omg 1975? And here I was thinking you might be younger than me, but no!! You're older than me!! Oh dear... you are either, or going to be, 40 this year... oh wow... that would terrify me to be honest if it was me!! ^^;
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But don't worry, I'm practically an eternal teen-20 something. I don't even have wrinkles. Age is just a number.
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Don't worry, I don't judge by number! If my family genes is anything to go by, I have also been cursed with eternal youth. In fact, last year my cousin, who hadn't seen me in years, asked me in confusion how the hell I looked younger than I did when I last saw him... ^^;
Plus mum mum didn't start getting wrinkles until she was near her 50s anyway... I think. To be honest I never really noticed until one day... ^^;
You probably wouldn't know that she is in her 50s if you looked at her...
SyddyGurl's avatar

I've been putting grapeseed oil on my face. It does wonders for one's skin. I'm doing what I can to postpone aging. I need to lose weight, too. I'm over 200 pounds and weight loss would make a big difference.
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