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Wraith Escape

Wraith may look tough, but his legs are made for runnin'!
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Cool shapes goin on here, and with youre art lately, ive been listenin to your utube for ages and the pointy chins stuff seems to have been good for your art development, I know its helped me alot too so thanks!🎩
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That's awesome to hear.  I'm never sure how beneficial or not they are, so anytime someone finds them useful, I'm happy!
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Hi Sycra, big fan of how this character looks, saw it on the youtube video :) 
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Awesome, thanks!  :D
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gotta go fast!!!
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This looks different from your usual style! very cool :>
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Thanks, yeah I think my style has calmed down a bit and become more formy.
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When are you gonna show us your comic, you lazy bum!
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Haha, I'm too lazy, plus, there's no comic, lol...  
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I'm glad you think so!
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Wonderful! I love how dynamic the pose is!
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