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This is Naha, Dæva of Earth.  She's a really down to earth person, and is fairly easy going for the most part, but isn't too fun to be around when she loses her temper.  Most of the time, she's quite pleasant, and is a very responsible and pragmatic person.
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Still making great art work I see.
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She kinda reminds me of my mum... But I'm sure Naha is actually a nice person. Makes me kinda want to see her in action. Maybe that can help me to not feel scared of people vaguely similar to her... I don't imagine Naha losing her temper over nothing! Naha also has a much better fashion sense!
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Yeah, I figure she's a nice person.
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nice layout!
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She looks like she's got some SASS!
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Heh, yeah, I think so!  Thanks Ben!
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If you ever made a Tarot deck, she would be the Queen of Coins :D
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Oh, sorry I don't know much about tarot, so why do you think she would be the Queen of Coins?
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The archetype for the Queen of Coins is earth-based, so it's associated with things like level headedness, management of resources in a comfortable way, responsibility, and problem solving.  It's also considered motherly.  Naha reminded me of some of those.  
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Oh, I totally can see that now.
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she looks like an earthy lady. :3 
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This is one of my favorite designs in this series so far. The color pallette is great, and the shapes are nice and simple and work really well together. Nice work.
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Thanks so much!  I'm really happy to hear that.
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Nice color scheme
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This design gives me so much life
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I'm so glad you like it!
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