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Jack Colour Concepts

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Published: December 5, 2014
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My employer was kind enough to allow me to share some character design work I've been doing lately for his project Havok Way ( ).  

Let me know in the comments which designs you like!
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LillendandieProfessional Digital Artist
Off-to-Nothingness's avatar
Off-to-NothingnessHobbyist Digital Artist
A and I :3
DestatiDreamXIII's avatar
DestatiDreamXIIIHobbyist General Artist
Hmm maybe A, D, and G.
HangedFlag's avatar
HangedFlagStudent General Artist
 G and A
Hagraeven's avatar
HagraevenHobbyist General Artist
A,G, Or I. I'm really digging I. That's the most unique and I'd say strongest design of thee bunch. A and G are good but forgettable as  they  look like the   most common male character. But I has something special.    
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TheLaughingKittenHobbyist Traditional Artist
Allana-san's avatar
Allana-sanHobbyist Traditional Artist
I'm between E and I...
FallenChocoCookie's avatar
FallenChocoCookieProfessional Digital Artist
C, F and I are my favourites. ^^
LyLyL's avatar
LyLyLHobbyist General Artist
Yeah... when nobody likes what I like I always feel bad... xD

I like B overall.

C looks Disney to me (so nice guy, but also kind of boring)
D and F look like a tormented guys
E and H could be supporting actors xD
I is pretty cool, looks like a character with an interesting story, but maybe there is too much white?
A doesn't really tell me anything, colors too dark maybe?

Sorry to chatter so much. I would say, tho, that the colors of the characters depends on his history and background, temper, nature and so on... what do you think?
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A actually looks like a lieutenant 
TumblrBlaze's avatar
TumblrBlazeHobbyist Digital Artist
I like E, F and G the most (C kinda makes him look like royalty, or a higher class), although I do think A and D kinda suit the vibe I'm getting from him.
Vhestale's avatar
VhestaleHobbyist Digital Artist
I really like E ! *-* H is great too, but for me, E is defintly the best ! :D
DeadlyNinji's avatar
DeadlyNinjiHobbyist Digital Artist
H stood out to me as the most appealing.
TCmarie's avatar
TCmarieHobbyist Digital Artist
Really liking A, H, I, but all of them are fantastic
Captain-Kiryu's avatar
Captain-KiryuHobbyist General Artist
E & I
not even entirely sure why
they just seem really balanced and i find those particular colour combinations appealing
Messageisvoid's avatar
MessageisvoidStudent Digital Artist
I reeaally like concept A. Jack feels more, how to describe it... tangible? Organic is a better word. Also I feel like I want to know more about him, as opposed to the others.
Mikoivy's avatar
MikoivyHobbyist Digital Artist
I like A , dark and really cool feeling and make me want to learn more about this charactor's story. :D
Storm-Engineer's avatar
Storm-EngineerProfessional Digital Artist
Depends on the personality of the character for me.

"A" gives me the feeling of the noble, dark but by no means evil lonely hero. Kind of like Batman.
"C" is very aristocratic.
"D" feels cold. Not necessarily evil tho.
"G" is quite interesting, but I'm unsure  about what emotions to connect with it.
"I" feels like the heartless, arrogant antagonist thinking of himself as a better than others.
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thelazyzeroHobbyist Digital Artist
I really like D and E.
Roksiel's avatar
RoksielHobbyist Digital Artist
I like B the most.
Waveloop's avatar
Waveloop Digital Artist
for these ones C&F
madymadison's avatar
madymadisonStudent General Artist
I like F and I :D
GaladinNimcelithil's avatar
GaladinNimcelithilStudent General Artist
I particularly like E,G,H& 1. These are all pretty classy and I love the design of the sword!
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