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It's Not You, It's Me
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By Sycra   |   Watch
Mature  |  Published: January 8, 2016
© 2016 - 2019 Sycra
Sooo...  Since my Wacom died I've been dreading posting to deviantart.  I am also getting more crits on my work in terms of what's wrong.  The reality is, I can see the problems too, but I'm just way too inexperienced with this whole traditional marker/pen thing, and since the media I use is permanent, there's just way too much room for error.  Before when I posted, because it was digital, even if I hated it, at least I could get rid of some of the obvious mistakes.  Now it's just way too apparent, and the question would naturally arise, "Why would you post it if it's so fucked up?"  Well, the answer was that I wanted to get used to posting everyday and posting more presentable work and perhaps getting over the fact that I think my works sucks.  But since the Wacom died ( oh, if you're curious what happened, I made a video showing what it's like here:… ) it's just become this feeling like I'm putting out crappy work and getting overly nervous about posting and it's not worth it for me anymore.  I'll work on traditional stuff and try to get better, but I won't post stuff unless I think it's worth posting or until I become more proficient at least.

These figure drawings are fucking horrible.  I know it, you don't need to tell me, I already know.  We all have bad days and good days, and I don't have the fortitude to air my dirty laundry all the time.  :p
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Rabdo's avatar
RabdoHobbyist Traditional Artist
Sycra these aint that bad ya foo
EmiroArts's avatar
EmiroArtsHobbyist Digital Artist
Some of them looks interesting, you should know that too Sycra!
I'm sorry for your Cintiq... Mine have a green vertical thin line, and it's terrifying for me ><
Good luck !
Remiaro's avatar
RemiaroStudent General Artist
Don't worry about posting stuff that's not completely up to your standard :} A lot of us still love seeing it anyways, even if it has more flaws.
Kassandra-21's avatar
Kassandra-21Hobbyist General Artist
You shouldn't be so hard on yourself :/ I don't think it will help you evolve, just frustrate and get you down. You're seriously an amazing artist and I'm not saying you're super perfect and don't have things to fix, no matter how good one is, in art you can always improve otherwise, like my friend says, you lose purpose. I cannot badly critique your work because I love it, nor can I give you advice on what to improve, since I'm far less experienced than you but I can say this: I'm sorry about your tablet but look at it this way. You'll struggle a lot with traditional but in end you're going to get used to making much less mistakes because here you don't have the luxury to clean it. That will result in your digital work in the future needing much less touch up. Something like the artistic kung fu, zen training or something 8'D
JezahnaART's avatar
JezahnaART Digital Artist
You seem to be having quite the hard time. I guess I can get it since I'm not able to draw digtally due to my computer, it's a total motivation killer and all of my traditional work is sub-par compared to my digital work. I just haven't any good experience in other mediums for a long time.
You really weren't kidding about your tablet, it looks absolutely fucked dude -__- good luck with the fix in Germany!
At some point recently I started to detach myself from critics, kinda like ignoring them (though I do plan on using them to help me get better one day). It's not that I didn't want to improve, but in the very moment I needed encouragement, more than everyone just telling me I was doing the wrong thing with every picture I made. It's great to learn but sometimes it makes it hard to keep motivation if people are constantly plucking at your confidence and telling you about mistake you already know about. It may perhaps hurt you more too, because you have so many more people that want to critic you and help you get better. Just try to keep in mind that your on the back-foot at the moment because your primary medium is Digital, don't take anything to heart.
JoeyAktosh's avatar
JoeyAktoshHobbyist General Artist
Hey Sycra. what if you used a white board then traced over the white board with like a clear paper then put the traced paper on that "light thing" (Idk what it`s called). witha program you already make layers so yeah this might take a bit longer so idk if you wanna. Other wise, your drawings are great. they`re just a bit sketchy, that`s all.
Ohkwaricua's avatar
Ohkwaricua Traditional Artist
I just started drawing again, and yeah it's a struggle every time I see my work for me not to just delete it all.  I feel you.  And I think it's cool to see that side of the pros, their bad days and progress.  It inspires me and shows me that y'all are human too basically, and like you said, you have good and bad days too.  Otherwise it seems like y'all just draw gold every time. 
alizawren's avatar
alizawrenHobbyist Digital Artist
Aw man you're getting a lot of criticism but I still like the idea of you posting stuff up whether it's good or not! I think as long as you also recognize that it's not perfect, you can leave it up here and move on to the next piece, taking in what people say but knowing that you've gotten better. You'll always be improving anyway
Inksquidge's avatar
InksquidgeStudent General Artist
offt mate, why don't you take a holiday from posting stuff? gather your thoughts and whatnot
CinderBlockStudios's avatar
CinderBlockStudiosProfessional Traditional Artist
Forget what people are telling you about the anatomy. Even if you can't go back and fix it you'll know what to do for next time. You always talk about mileage, well this is just another form of it.
artii2tiiciin2aniity's avatar
artii2tiiciin2aniityStudent General Artist
i feel weird giving you advice because your so much more experienced then i, but i guess it couldnt hurt 

first off, yes these are messy and sure have flaws but they are still good because they have character to them

take a break from using just a marker/pen and work with pencil for a while [it just might help]

and keep posting so we can see your progress
PuNK-A-CaT's avatar
PuNK-A-CaTProfessional Traditional Artist
Awww :( don't stop posting, I love seeing your work, and honestly I find your traditional stuff really educational - I'm a traditional artist, and the way you approach the medium is so different to how I do it, so watching what you come up with often blows my mind.
(Like I’d never be brave enough to start with pen, I use non photo blue pencils or 2H! But now I'm challenged to try, not being able to erase marks means you have to be so much more deliberate about where you put them)

The fact you are willing to admit the struggles of being an artist, and admit that you are hyper critical of your art has helped me so much, I would have given up assuming it wasn't supposed to be this much of a struggle if you hadn't been the voice that said "no, this really /is/ hard, but don’t give up, just keep practising"

So thank you! I really like your traditional work, it's full of energy and I can't wait to see more.
Allana-san's avatar
Allana-sanHobbyist Traditional Artist
If you're having problems drawing the traditional way, I think I should start practicing for real, 'cause you're doing a great job!
Drizzerey's avatar
DrizzereyProfessional General Artist
I haven't used traditional regularly in many years, so much so I forgotten how to use it properly :( I just finally got out of my art rut, and while I'm performing insanely well digitally (compared to how I used to) I'm doing terrible with traditional. I also have finally refilled my art supply since moving and not having money to replace it, so I plan on digging into that now and work on my quality (which is why I haven't updated much)

It's hard to get out of your own head when it comes to your pieces, especially when you've conditioned yourself to say 'it's not good enough'. The best way I've found to like your work more is to not expect the world out of you but to just do your best and if you feel it is worth continuing don't give up on it till you're satisfied even with traditional sure it's annoying to have to draw it again, but if you're not happy with it, you're not happy with it, and sometimes you just need to stop looking at it for awhile and come back to it. And sometimes go back to your earlier works and see how far you've come, and while you're not happy with this particular picture compared to something several years ago you can see the improvement and know yeah I can do better. You really are way too hard on yourself cause these are doodles and they look awesome, why? Cause they are interesting, the only thing I can see needing to improve is the show of force, it kinda feels like they have no weight like with the action poses, you can't feel the amount of effort the figure uses to do a back flip or jump in the air or stretch out. But the doodles still look interesting and have fun shapes and proportions, also I think if you gave the figures expressive faces you'd probably like it more but without the faces we rely on the figure to bring the emotion in, and without force just makes them feel a bit flat. But that is my personal interpenetration. You do excellent work and while this isn't your best I've seen, I wouldn't know if I'd call it your dirty laundry. You should see my doodles in my sketchbook, I use pen to avoid lead smudging and it gives me both sides of the paper in the book, construction lines everywhere some of them I can't even tell where I was going with that lol I am getting better about it though. Partly because of you, you've taught me a bunch of useful things in your videos, so thank you for showing us.
Brant-Bi's avatar
Brant-BiHobbyist Digital Artist
Totally understand you!! I also get very nervous to show my work because I can totally see what's wrong and you feel a bit embarrassed to post it out there as if you were proud of it. But sometimes you have 1 good thing out of your 20 mistakes and you feel like putting your work out there because of this 1 thing you are proud of but you know everybody will notice the other 20 mistakes as well. :( (Sad) But I do think it's important for an artist to lose this fear so we start being less harsh on ourselves, being critical is good and all but overdo it sometimes just freezes your progress! Whenever I'm feeling down about it, I just tell myself "Today I'll do 20 ugly drawings!", like this I don't put so much expectations over my work right in the beginning and I don't block myself before even start it.
Phatmouse09's avatar
Phatmouse09Hobbyist General Artist
pfft- bad? Switching mediums usually tosses a wrench in the gears.  Kudos to you for doing it anyway; markers have always been way out of my comfort zone.
Q-arts's avatar
Q-artsHobbyist Digital Artist
What's bad? And who cares!? There is more to art then just good and bad. I'd rather see more 'interesting' art then good art that just bores me.

Also, tradionally you can do many of the same tricks as digitally. Whenever I work traditionally (which I hardly do now thanks to the Apple pencil) I work in layers of pencil sketches I erase and refine and then do the clean lines with a pen. It's not very time efficient but, eh, my digital isn't either.
Okuubokuu's avatar
OkuubokuuHobbyist Digital Artist
Oh c'mon, these sketches have some quality ! But yeah, I can understand that you don't want to post anymore "bad drawings", that's a normal feeling but think about it like the way we start to sketch outdoor, first it's hard because we don't want people to see us making mistakes, bad drawings, etc... and then we don't care no more. :')
Reading that most of us would think "hell, I should stop posting anything 'till I get his level". 
Fedodika's avatar
FedodikaProfessional Digital Artist
hahaha you're too honest bro, your thoughts sound like mine haha! Bro, your sketches really remind me of those super sxy girls that paul richards draws on tumblr, big bosoms and relentless hips! And that's what it's ALL ABOUT!

you are your own worst enemy i think :)
EclecticManta's avatar
EclecticMantaStudent Digital Artist
They honestly aren't as terrible as you say they are. Sure they aren't your best, but not your worst either. Either way, we learn way more by making mistakes. Just practice more and see what it is you don't like or isn't working. 

Also that's so weird your wacom is doing that! Did it start out of nowhere? I wonder if it's some weird glitch or something.
ThatGirlThatDraws's avatar
ThatGirlThatDrawsHobbyist Digital Artist
Keep the bad thoughts away! Just because you think you can't do things today, doesn't mean you won't be able to do it someday. You work so hard, just keep it up! Remember, today is a good day for a good day.

cactusjoe999's avatar
I'm always amazed how hard the artists are on themselves. Art is a very personal thing, so it comes from deep inside each individual and being objective with oneself is impossible. But the knowledge you share with us on your youtube channel is a proof that you're a very good artist. :)

Anyway, it's an opportunity for you to get used to work (again ?) with traditional media.

I can't wait to see your next work you'll decide to share  :)
Yumexor's avatar
YumexorProfessional General Artist
Maybe you should just see this as an opportunity to work on your traditional skills some more. Give it time... I mean we've all be coddled and spoiled by digital media. I think it's been about 6-7 years since I first saw your videos, and you've been an inspiration to all these lovely people that have been watching and learning from you. This is just another one of those pesky obstacles that life throws at you and just by drawing SOMETHING- bad or good- you're coping with it.  Just make a folder and call it Junk- post all the things you consider to be crappy and i guarantee there will be people that will still like it- that's how the internet works!
Bottom line is: Go easy on yourself, you've done amazing things for this community, and have the potential to accomplish even more!
anonymous's avatar
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