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Published: January 9, 2016
© 2016 - 2019 Sycra
Thanks to all the support from you kind people, I decided to try to keep posting on Deviantart as best as I could.  So I started wondering how I could maybe make things easier for me, and I decided it might be good to get away from the marker and pen, on a desk I don't like, while being recorded, and instead do what's much easier to me.  So I ended up in bed, with a mechanical pencil and kneaded and Tuff Stuff eraser, and reference, and I took my time and drew more slowly.  I dunno how the whole thing works in terms of style...  It's getting a little uncanny valley ( the heads don't really match the bodies ).  Also, I don't think the mechanical pencil is the best for shading as it eats up a lot of lead...  But it was much easier than using ink.  I dunno...  Need to do more experiments I guess.
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SeperusSnave's avatar
I wish you do more traditional work.
Brunovc's avatar
BrunovcStudent Traditional Artist
Your style looks beautiful and so clean in traditional. Great work.
Sabina3's avatar
Sabina3Hobbyist Digital Artist
I wish I was brave enough to get that creative with hair! Hair is a bigger problem for me, I think, than hands or feet...uggghhh! Really gorgeous though!!! 😊 (I am an emoticon junky)
A-thonX's avatar
A-thonXHobbyist Traditional Artist
I know this is Just a drawing of booty, but I like booty, and this drawing reminds me of booty, so I like this drawing. :|
zwarback's avatar
zwarbackHobbyist Traditional Artist
dude, I think those look awesome in pencil! and I ain't saying this being a pencilist myself :D
IFAnythingItsNotMe's avatar
IFAnythingItsNotMe Digital Artist
thats nice and sexy pinup Sycra
iamwolfmanxii's avatar
Sycra I love ya but that hair on the Bay Watch babe has to be put onto one of my characters!!! DIBZZ
MissingPotato's avatar
MissingPotatoHobbyist Digital Artist
Im sure that you're more of a booty person
FallenMorning's avatar
FallenMorning General Artist
I think these look amazing Sycra! :dummy:
PuffyShirt's avatar
PuffyShirtHobbyist General Artist
I absolutely love these! And I think you were able to stylize the bodies just enough so that the heads still match! Plus, their faces are lovely :) 
Mokkwill's avatar
The highlights ...did you erase them after you finished it ore did plan them all the y way through ?
Roman9009's avatar
Roman9009Hobbyist Digital Artist
Sycra I really like the curves! It reminds me of the cubist sculptures like the ones by  Umberto Boccioni.
I think if you are worried about style/uncanny valley, it is because you didn't think up the story early enough. If you had a story from the start you could decide not so much from a 'muh style' viewpoint but from a does it build upon the message.
Kassandra-21's avatar
Kassandra-21Hobbyist General Artist
Pencil for the win XD. I use regular pencils of different thickness for shading, makes things a little bit smoother but IDK if they work for you. In any case, I really like them, especially the bottom one~
dm-punk's avatar
dm-punkStudent Digital Artist
Love your stuff, Sycra!
Flytron's avatar
FlytronHobbyist Digital Artist
I really love the top one. The second one is good too, but the leg in the back its kind of weird (i mean i dont know where the foot is exactly) and yes the face don't mach a bit. But still great job as always man, keep posting :P
EclecticManta's avatar
EclecticMantaStudent Digital Artist
Honestly I think this looks bloody great! The heads may not 100% fit but that honestly barely bothers me. I think these are very strong works! Maybe still try to challenge yourself with ink though? Up to you :)
edenxiii's avatar
edenxiiiHobbyist Digital Artist
I feel like you're too worried about about style man. You don't sound very happy with this one, but I think its the strongest work I've seen from you in weeks. Sure the heads don't match, but those are the weaker parts of this image because they're so artificial. For whatever my opinion is worth to you, I think you'd be better off just doing what comes naturally when you're working from reference and don't try to force a "style." Style happens unintentionally because its an expression of yourself and how you see the world. Like a verbal accent, its obvious when someone is forcing it.
CyrilGlerumArt's avatar
CyrilGlerumArtProfessional Filmographer
Brilliant and very spontaneous shapes :) great visual effect ! 
LichMcKnee's avatar
LichMcKneeHobbyist General Artist
I, personally, lke it a lot :D And I really like the shading :D Also, I wouldn't tell their heads don't fit the bodies, I find them just right ^^ 
vonVile's avatar
vonVileHobbyist General Artist
Great work on the shading! I wish I could do that. How about a video on it?

I love the designs of both characters. Dem assez! :)
Brant-Bi's avatar
Brant-BiHobbyist Digital Artist
I actually like a lot the first girl! The second one for me didn't look much like your style. And your pink marker stuff are my favorite. :D (Big Grin) 
cyberanimealien's avatar
cyberanimealienStudent Digital Artist
I don't know... something seems off... I can't quite place it...
Aso, I find the top girl's proportions to be extremely unapealing.
This ones a miss
PuNK-A-CaT's avatar
PuNK-A-CaTProfessional Traditional Artist
Oh my gawsh, Love it!
There is just soooooooooooo much personality in these..
YAY that you're still posting *happy dance*

You might find something like a traditional 2B- 4B pencil easier to get the shading in with - used on it's side, the mech pencils are great for keeping a nice clean line, but the other ones do better at laying down even graphite. (and it's faster)

I utterly /love/ the highlights (in fact /everything/ about) that top one, that is one you should go back to when your tablet is fixed, it'd make an amazing print.
anonymous's avatar
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