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Published: January 7, 2016
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So this is another drawing done with ink and markers.  I first did a underdrawing with a pink pen then used black pen on top, then added markers, and finally took it into photoshop to add the background and a hue shift gradient over the whole thing.  The pen pen shows up much more than I'd like it to, but feel free to tell me what you think.
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G0kusaishikiProfessional Digital Artist
I like how the pen shows up, it gives the piece a very sketchy, raw feeling to it uwu
EmiroArts's avatar
EmiroArtsHobbyist Digital Artist
I like the style of trad tools ! The pen looks sketchy but well, it's not really important ! 
Her pose and face are lovely.
MissIp's avatar
The breasts look very nice
McsWaQqMuFFinZ's avatar
Not sure if you're already aware but the anatomy looks off in a few areas (especially where her right leg connects).  I myself don't think I would be able to correct it but I hope this is useful feedback despite it being very unspecific, lol.
For-Fox-Sake's avatar
For-Fox-SakeHobbyist General Artist
I really love the sketchy look to images like this-- where you can see the pen marks under the main lineart and color and such. Just looks so snazzy to me. ^^; Awesome image :D
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HarryKayanHobbyist Digital Artist
Hey Sycra, I found you by watching your tutorials on youtube. =] Thank you for all the tips and help. A lot of your methods are a spin-off of traditional methods, but I think you do well on teaching the different methods. I'm only learning, but I do feel like you've helped me improve. 

Thanks again, take care, and keep doing what you do.
Dazeinnight's avatar
Nice gesture quality, I think a darker background could make the skin pop more, since she has a lot of pink tones, other than that nice work.
FantasyRebirth96's avatar
oh no way man this is no joke really amazing! i kid you not, hope to see more stuff like this very soon! go for it Awesome Work!
Seppaqueas's avatar
Your style of characters is great, and the markers and rough ink suits with this somehow. It doesn't detract, instead makes it feel fuller. 

I really love how you draw hips, and her outfits accentuates that more- and I love it more. XD
Kodachi-sama's avatar
Kodachi-samaProfessional Digital Artist
I love the hair and the face is really cute. The rest is great but the way the hip connect to the thigh isn't making much sense to me.
Hotaro-sui's avatar
Hotaro-suiHobbyist General Artist
Niiiice, I have a thing for sketchy artwork >w>
For the colour I think her skin blends a little too much with the background, but it does make everything come together.
For the pose, I think it'd have more impact if her arm is foreshortened and pointing at us don't you think?

Are you okay with feedback like this? I hope it's not too vague D:
Horse-Box's avatar
I agree with everyone else here, the leg looks rather strange, but it still looks fantastic! The face, as per usual with your artwork, is astoundingly good.
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simonhawk454Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I like the name. XD
MundaneCaterpillar's avatar
MundaneCaterpillarHobbyist Traditional Artist
I very much like the pink pen showing through; your drawings normally have an absolute ton of energy and motion in them, but I feel the pen in this specific drawing really brings that out. I wouldn't describe it as "messy"; it has a really wonderful feeling around it. I feel that this specific piece might seem stiff if the pink pen hadn't been present. If you continue to have underdrawings in pink pen, I definitely suggest keeping it there, even if it's more subtle than in this piece!
Q-arts's avatar
Q-artsHobbyist Digital Artist
I kind off agree about the pen, but I have to admit I am quite a fan of clean lines. Maybe it distracts a bit from the sharp shapes. Why not do that initial sketch with pencil? Whenever I worked traditionally, I did the base sketch with pencil and then go over it with a ball point pen.
funkkmeister's avatar
funkkmeisterStudent General Artist
I think her hip on the left looks a tad bit weird but that could just be me, besides that i love it! And i think even the pen showing through gives it a cool effect.
S3rb4n's avatar
S3rb4nHobbyist Digital Artist
I really like your style.
blogybo's avatar
blogyboStudent General Artist
Great choice of colour.
I think the red might be showing up more because its an advancing colour and blue is receding one.
Manjer-art's avatar
I actually like it that you can see the pen sketch underneath. I always like to see the begin face of people's drawings.
The only thing that kinda bugs me is her arms. They seem to be different in length?
But overall I like the pose!
FantasiaInk's avatar
FantasiaInkHobbyist Traditional Artist
Yeah, the arms look strange to me as well...
double-ZR-tap's avatar
double-ZR-tapStudent Digital Artist
Wow so many sketch lines. I like it!
Fedodika's avatar
FedodikaProfessional Digital Artist
nice tummy would... touch...
dragdramane's avatar
dragdramaneStudent General Artist
Sketchy sketchy
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