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Bad Hair Day
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By Sycra   |   Watch
Published: December 26, 2015
© 2015 - 2019 Sycra
So...  Last image I posted I had a lot of people saying I should just post my stuff...  But most of it is crap, experimentation, or just failure stuff, kinda like this.  But, I said I would avoid my own opinion and post it anyway so you're gonna have to let me know if you want me to continue or if now that you see stuff like this you would prefer I only post things I don't really hate.
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Legion-001's avatar
Legion-001Student Digital Artist
Dude, your style is an acquired taste... but no one can deny... you are one heck of an artist, I've said this before in you vids... you should make a freaking book about figure simplification... You are awesome! Keep em coming!
fingalificated's avatar
fingalificatedStudent General Artist
well but this is really cool :) I'm always super happy to see your stuff in my inbox!

I think a piece of artwork is only finished when viewed by someone
Erebnorg's avatar
ErebnorgStudent Traditional Artist
That's nice, if you want to see real bad stuff posted look at my gallery, I kind of like none of my stuff... well I just see all the flaws and the things I have to improve after each piece... I guess it's the same for all the artists with an eye that is a little more advanced than their skills....
Enetheia's avatar
EnetheiaHobbyist Digital Artist
Oi oi! Don't have that attitude! A wise person told me once; '' If you don't appreciate your work, why should anyone else? ''. Now think about those words and practise the things you lack in. Instead of thinking such negative thoughts, think about the things that you can do and move on from there! My art isn't perfect either, heck, I always see flaws. But even so I'm determined to get better. Even the least bit of improvement matter. I try to see things positively since that's the most important thing.

if you're not motivated then how will you find the inspiration to improve? :)
Erebnorg's avatar
ErebnorgStudent Traditional Artist
Thank you for the kind words, it is not as bad as it sounds :) I am not hating what I do, it is just that I am never really satisfied. I mean I have a vision, and my technic is not there yet. I'm very motivated though, I draw everyday, and I think I improve, slowly but surely.
So I am positive, like, motivated, but I still think I have a lot to improve :) is that making sense?
Enetheia's avatar
EnetheiaHobbyist Digital Artist
Yeah it totally makes sense! At least to me, I'm the same. In my head I'm like: ''This is an awesome idea! Draw it! Draw it! '' 
Then I draw it and my skills end up being my limitation instead of lifting me higher, which makes me unmotivated. 

But we can do it! Toons of practise and a good spirit! Naruto Dancing 
Erebnorg's avatar
ErebnorgStudent Traditional Artist
I heard a quote recently : You should be happy to fail, because each failure is one step further toward success... the important thing is to keep going''


Toons of practice haha
Enetheia's avatar
EnetheiaHobbyist Digital Artist
Exactly! As Bob Ross said ''There are no mistakes, only happy accidents.''

HollowSoul121's avatar
HollowSoul121Student General Artist
Sycra keep posting,your stuff is good,its good to post your experiments too because other people can get stuff outta what you make,it can give them different ideas,and even if you hate your works remember,alot of us love them.
DeadlyNinji's avatar
DeadlyNinjiHobbyist Digital Artist
Even if it's not something you like very much, it's really intriguing and inspiring for us to see the things you make. You've got a very unique style, and even if you're having an off-day you'll still create something that no one else is creating.

And it's always okay to post things you're not too proud of because we all know you're a capable artist. Just because you make one bad painting it does not mean you're a bad artist! (And I'm not saying this is bad at all, I always liked seeing your colour scheme variations!)
etep21's avatar
As long as you post often, I really don't care what you post, cuz all your pointy stuff is awesome! To me anyway. Like I said before, Ilove those crazy proportions just as much as you do. Sexy ladies, Action guys, animals...outrageous proportions are just fun dude!! More pleeeease!! ^ U ^
Brobossa's avatar
BrobossaProfessional Digital Artist
Naaah, It's cool.

I've got the same king of struggle with posting stuff I don't really like myself and I don't like the most part of my stuff, so I have something like 3 pieces in my gallery ))
But yours is so clean and nice so it's just shame to have it buried in your desk. I'm not the one who have right to tell you that, but one of the biggest things out there is consistency, so the more you post the more people you attract to you art, the more responce you have, the faster your style evolve etc etc.

I personally really enjoy to see the evolution of your art. So keep going, keep sharing!
MattCarberry's avatar
MattCarberryStudent Digital Artist
Always cool to see alternate versions of a character in color, it's interesting to see the process of trial and error, it's all part of design/illustration and it's
just fascinating to see what earlier considerations were being put into place.

Overall, fantastic work!
TheZeel's avatar
TheZeelStudent Traditional Artist
calm down hair!
spacesailor10's avatar
spacesailor10Student Digital Artist
I love the long flowy hair ^_^
Egxe's avatar
EgxeStudent Digital Artist
maybe dont polish stuff to this level so we know that its experimental but i  dont know, i like seeing it
Mokkwill's avatar
Mate, your "crap" is awesome crap, so do not stop posting  :)
Plixik's avatar
PlixikHobbyist Digital Artist
Cool hair and flow :)
Iszryl's avatar
IszrylStudent Digital Artist
I would love too see more of your work! Even if you say that most of it is crap.. it's not crap for me!
theclevercarrot's avatar
theclevercarrotStudent General Artist
Continue, your work is amazing, your videos helped me a lot!!
JeuJeuBee's avatar
JeuJeuBeeHobbyist Digital Artist
Now Sycra's got me questioning whether I should post any of my own work...
MANSEN2's avatar
MANSEN2Student Digital Artist
continue man,i wanna see your work!
Waveloop's avatar
Waveloop Digital Artist
Yes dude. I always like to see your stuff, the good and bad, just like in marriage... hum... maybe I shouldn't have said that,... but hell yeah brother, do share :)
dragdramane's avatar
dragdramaneStudent General Artist
She has the perfect body type for a satyr.

As for the self-esteem thing, there's one artist I follow, he said this a while back, he said, "Are you kidding, my fan base is so big I could upload a picture of my foot and it'd still get like 60likes." While he said it in gest , it occurred to me he was right. I'm not saying your fan base would let you slack off, but we do wanna see your stuff lol
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