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This is a high res image of panel 3 from episode 3 of Space Waitress Kei.  WEBTOON only allows 800px wide images, so I figured I'd post some of the higher res images here so you can see more details. :)  

You can read the episode on WEBTOON here:…

If you haven't already, be sure to check out and subscribe to the webcomic.  It will be updated 2 to 4 times a month, so subscribing means you never miss an episode. 
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Manchines's avatar
I was not aware you had a webtoon
Geist-kun's avatar
Dude, what the FUCK. I checked out that link an the first page is already one of the most awful things I've seen in a while.
Why the blazes does a slug taking a BIG, NASTY ASS PEPTO BISMOL SHIT that much space?!

Stop it. Stop it! Who let you post this? Who the fuck didn't slap you across the face to prevent you from shitting into the public eye like that?

>But Bob makes pictures with shit
Yeah and they're funny, maybe it's the pink color or the gooey consistence but that was some disgusting ass introduction to your "webtoon".

>Shut up its what I want, it's me. I do what I want

Fair enough, bro, but not all things we want to do should be done in public. Keep your art masturbation at home, please.

And what, it's got what? Ten likes? Ten stars? FOR THE PROLIFIC FUCKING SYCRA YASIN?!
So well known fro his videos, his forum and beyond?!

Nigga. Bro. Broseph. I wouldn't blame you if you seriously loathe me at this point, but ...listen.
This is not good work. Bob is indebted to you, he ain't gonna say shit and when it comes to art you're a fly compared to him anyway.
Your wife ain't gonna say shit cause she's your wife.
Your fans ain't gonna say shit because of sycrological horror where I assume that they'll think you'll try to kill yourself or something if they don't dab your baby mouth after you googoo gagaad another dud into the internet.

And you, yourself once said, and I kept this in my heart for my own work:
If someone says something looks wrong, then it's most likely wrong, but if they're trying to fix it for you, be sceptical about it.
That's paraphrased, but you should get the meaning.

Don't do awful shit, please. If this nasty ass first page is still there in a few weeks then you will never hear from me again.
Since I'm a spiteful bastard, though, I WILL deride you elsewhere to my hearts content.
It's what I want to do, you see? It's part of my expression. I'm an artist of words.
And, yeah, I know. I have no business being like this, and it's kind of evil, I get that, but I won't accost you personally anymore, so there's that, you won't get an annoying stalker, you won't get me breathing creepily next to your window.
I'll just talk the shit you deserve about you elsewhere, well within legal boundaries, shittalking ain't a complete crime yet.

I will most likely get bored of that eventually, though, it's not that much fun kicking the special needs child...but hot damn, man.
(That's me squeezing a blutwurst or whatever that shit was)

Jingai-Jigokumoto's avatar
Dearest Dude Bro, 

You come off as an unpleasant, self-obsessed incel piece of shit. 
Are you like this in real life? 
Do you have friends in real life, or even on the internet. 
Your words are empty and obnoxious.   
Purnya's avatar

this was overwhelmingly entertaining to read.

hellaciousss's avatar
Very big tantrum over one comic page. Just say "I don't like it," then dip. I don't think anybody particularly cares about the opinion of one dude on the internet, who is either full of himself and expects artists to do work that appeals to him in particular, or a troll. 

But your blatant overreaction was fun to read.
Geist-kun's avatar
Actually. Screw it. Ciao.
taemart's avatar
cool i really like this !!!
Tawnwen's avatar
I found you through your art tutorials as a wee lad and I'm surprised to see you've opened a webtoon. I'll be sure to check it out c: 
g12olo's avatar
Well i did not expect to be proposed a webtoon.

May has well sample it and maybe follow along.
TheTubich's avatar
Very great work La la la la
Roksim's avatar
Wow the comic is absolutely incredible!! I was a little confused at first, thought it's huge, but turns out everything is intended, it's so fresh and unexplored, such a rare and gorgeous thing!
Sycra's avatar
Thanks Roksim!  We're putting a lot into it, and I hope people stick around long enough to see the story develop (cuz we know in the beginning it's a little confusing, but it's really as you say, it's all for a reason). :D
Rocky-Ace's avatar
This gives me a nice CRPG vibe, I like it.
Sycra's avatar
I'm kinda hoping one day it can turn into a game, so it's awesome to hear you got that feel.
Rocky-Ace's avatar
Then you're on the right track. 

Fedodika's avatar
save me a blunt
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