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Forgivness Makes Five

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An overdue tribute to the season finale of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. I wanted to wait until the end of the season to the sake of completion. There's definitely a formula; anytime someone in the show says, "Maybe he/she will change his/her ways," they eventually will. So, with Starlight following that herd, that finally brought this together; a pony for each season, that's what I wanted to go for. The final two-parter, not great, but not terrible. I actually had a theory about why Starlight did what she did, but that's irrelevant now. With the way it ended, I think there's potential in Starlight Glimmer becoming the Mane 7th. I wouldn't be opposed to it, it would restore more balance in the Mane 6 since Twilight evolved, leaving them one unicorn short., but I guess we shall see.

So which episode of Season 5 was your favorite (besides Slice of Life)?

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NewportMuseProfessional Digital Artist
Very sweet. I've been searching for Starlight fan art with the season finale airing on Discovery Family this weekend. Just as there were actually four members of The Three Musketeers (The young D'Artagnan is an apprentice), it can rightly be said that Starlight has earned her spot at the seventh member of the Mane Six, because she is Twilight's apprentice, pupil and friend. :)
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Sycotei-BHobbyist Digital Artist
Agreed, thanks.
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I'm straight and a Brony so Twilly can be a unicorn, alicorn, and a pegasus at the same time.

Beautiful art.

It's possible that Daring Do might find a clue to some lost parts of friendship.
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lonelyboy214Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Awesome work! 
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Nice work. How's things going?
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Have a friendship cupcake!
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Sycotei-BHobbyist Digital Artist
Cupcakes for everypony!
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Wonderful work. Maybe as the mane 7th, but not of any Element since Twilight remains the one of magic. More a recurrent character I guess. Her absence in the spoiler could confirm it.
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Sycotei-BHobbyist Digital Artist
Thanks. Well, given that the Mane 6 returned their Elements to the Tree of Harmony, I think the Elements themselves are a little irrelevant at this point.
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Mmm. Good point. But we need more infos about their powers before going into conclusions.
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Sycotei-BHobbyist Digital Artist
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We'll see.... in May.
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Beautiful image. :D I absolutely loved the Season 5 finale, and it's my favorite finale. :D As for my favorite episode...gee I don't know, when I get into my most favorite episodes, they all blend together! XD It's hard to say for sure, but some are Crusaders of the Lost Mark, Amending Fences, Cutie Remark, Lesson Zero, Luna Eclipsed, and others. Like I said, hard to compare them. XD
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xonxtHobbyist Digital Artist
This looks very good! But what's with the white-coated stallion's eyes? It looks like he's missing irises and pupils.
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Sycotei-BHobbyist Digital Artist
Thanks, he just has a happy expression.
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Aww. That is so nice.
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I would say that Starlight Glimmer's redemption worked much better than the other Parade O' Redemptions.

* She had a reason to be rotten to begin with (at least, one that made sense to her). That's not always the case with MLP villains.
* She had good reason to come around; she was shown why what she was doing was bad, and responded to that (not to a deus-ex-machina or some sort of coercion)
* She was able to communicate that reason, and the reason was accepted by Twilight.
* It took time and effort to bring her around. It didn't just magically happen instantly, and she struggled with it while it was happening.
* There was not an instant "all is forgiven and forgotten". Others had to debate about what to do about her. I really liked the body language while she was waiting outside the map room to hear what others had decided about her.
* She has to do penance, and we see this. She had to face those she had hurt. Acceptance of her redemption isn't instant and it isn't without pain.

I thought this was much better handled than either Gilda's, Discord's, Trixie's, Diamond Tiara's or Luna's redemptions. It made sense from beginning to end, with believable steps and believable consequences.

You've capture it well. Nicely done.

Favorite episode, not only of season 5 but of the whole series, is Amending Fences. The theme of Amending Fences may be a little on the nuanced side for a kid, but it too makes sense. The scene in which Moondancer dresses down Twilight flows extremely well, with the dialog feeling natural  and the buildup-crescendo-release of emotions having a great pace that simply rings true. In addition to showing an imperfect Twilight, to showing fantastic continuity with the rest of the series, and showing great new characters, this episode has real-life payoff. I know several people (one of which who is a non-brony but saw this episode out of curiosity while I was watching it) who, after the show, had a mumbled "excuse me, I need to go make a phone call" followed by "Hey, I know it's been a while, thought I'd call and see how things were going.." Directly, immediately, because of this episode they renewed old contacts. Instant serious, deep human payoff. This episode quite literally and demonstrably brought about a bit of good in many people's lives and encouraged them to do the right thing, not by lecture but by example. As awesome as Suited for Success, Winter Wrap-up, Rarity Takes Manehattan and Sleepless in Ponyville are, they didn't have this immediate translation into positive, life-changing real-world actions.
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Sycotei-BHobbyist Digital Artist
All good points.

I think Discord's redemption worked fairly well for his character. The Mane 6 remained skeptical that he would change his ways (except Fluttershy), and he still showed a devious side, even after the Tirek-encounter, as he was still trying to grasp what it means to be a friend. At first, I wasn't keen on him being reformed (being the Lord of Chaos, he could be considered the ultimate enemy of the Mane 6), but given the direction the overall plot has gone, I think it can be justified, since the Mane 6 have moved on from harmony and more towards friendship itself. Though I do admit that, the episode where Twilight missed out on his joke with the other 5, that felt more like a cop-out to completing his redemption.

Thank you.

Yes, that one was one of my most favorites of Season 5, partially because it was well-orchestrated. Who would have thought that the writers would have taken a simple factor, like the simple setup for Twilight's initial-personality in the first episode (when she turns down Minuette, Lemon Hearts, and Twinkleshine's invitation to Moondancer's party) and extend it into further development for a new plot and to her character? I, myself have had thoughts about catching up with an old-childhood friend that I haven't seen since high school because of that episode. That's one of the things I love about this show, it has the potential to bring out the best in those who open their hearts to it.

Friendship is magic!
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AimForrestHobbyist Digital Artist
This is really cute ^v^

I had a lot of favorites, I don't know if I can really choose. I liked Amending Fences and Tanks For the Memories a lot, though. I hope myself Starlight will become a 7th member, she has the potential for it. I don't want her to just be a recurring character.
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Sycotei-BHobbyist Digital Artist

Guess we'll have to wait and see.
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AimForrestHobbyist Digital Artist
You're welcome ;)

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I was a little sad that they did that in a song montage. I think that could be an entire episode... or set of them to work things out with that community. Great picture!

As for favorite Season 5 episode... there are several to choose from, but I keep coming back to the one when Twilight went back to Canterlot to rebuild all the friendships she left behind. I guess I'd pick that one. :)
Sycotei-B's avatar
Sycotei-BHobbyist Digital Artist
Well, it was a two-parter, so they had to spend the second part wrapping up what was happening in part one. If they went about the two-parter another way, then maybe that could have worked. Thanks!

That was a good one, some closure to her old house being destroyed.
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