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My Bio
I've been drawing for as long as I can remember and I've always loved it. My main interest in art would have to be cartoons. Some people may see cartoons as mere means of childish entertainment, but I believe that cartoons are as legitimate as any other art-form. They have the power to make us laugh, feel, and think, just like any other form of art. My love for cartoons has also contributed to my interest in furry art. Lately, I've been drawing fanart of my favorite videogames and other media, but I hope to make my own webcomic with my own characters and become like the artists I idolize. I also enjoy video-games including Sonic the Hedgehog and Kingdom Hearts. I'm currently in college, working towards getting a Bachelor's degree and hopefully will be able to land a career as a animator, cartoonist, or freelance artist. I still have a lot to learn even as an adult.

Favourite Visual Artist
Chuck Jones, Eric W. Schwartz, Chalodillo,
Favourite Movies
Can't decide
Favourite TV Shows
Looney Tunes, Animaniacs, Tiny Toon Adventures, MLP: FiM, The Simpsons, American Dad, Naruto Shippuden
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
All-American Rejects, Linkin Park, Zebrahead, DragonForce, Panic! At the Disco
Favourite Games
Sonic Games, Super Smash Bros., Kingdom Hearts Games
Favourite Gaming Platform
Nintendo Switch, PS4
Tools of the Trade
Pencil, Paper, Software and an Idea
DevART's latest debacle You've probably heard recently over social media that DevART decided to go in on allowing AI-Artwork into their platform ( They thought it was a good idea to automatically opt-in all of us so that 3rd parties could use our artwork to generate their own without our concent. Naturally, many artists were outraged and called DevART out on this decision. Thankfully, the Higher-Ups have responded swiftly to the backlash and switched the auto-opt-in for all uploaded art to not allow 3rd parties to copy our work, making it optional, which is what they should have done in the first place at the very least in my opinion. My Thoughts on AI-Generated Art Granted, I'm still learning about artificial intellegence-generated art. I can see it having it's uses in the more practical sense of visual imagry, like marketing or architecture, but in terms of making artwork; a visual randition of one's thoughts, feelings
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Streaming Character Design!
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Sorry for the on-going silence as of late, I haven't had much time for art, though I'm still making time for my Division of Animals comic and will have the next page up by this Saturday.Right now, I've been pretty busy getting ready for IndyFurCon this weekend. With any luck, I'll be taking commissions at the Artist Alley. Hope to see ya there!Posted using PostyBirb
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Happy Birthday!!

Hello, I would like to recommend you:

Forgotten Legends cz.5

Thank you for the inspiration!👍😁

Would you be offended if I asked to write a Fanfic featuring your world and characters?

So is The Primal Quintessence force, Magic or Science?

In "Division of Animals," quintessence is the life-force that flows throughout the planet and all living things. It's most prominent in beastmen, but only primal-beastmen have the ability to naturally harness it.