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putting the wind up Dustin

's RP character Dustin, made as a mock comic book cover for her birthday. Happy birthday Nu!!!

Our game (run by the glorious ~jemisard) is referred to as 'Marvel' so it was the obvious choice for the title.

I'm really happy with how this came out actually. Originally I was going to ink the 'wind' in over the top and do something with layers to give it a lighter look, but I ended up painting the wind out flat, then wrapping it round in 3D, which definitely made it easier to composite the way I wanted. The combination of painting and airbrushing came out surprisingly well considering my lack of practice with the method.

Anyway, Nu, you rock, and I'm glad you liked this!

Media Used : pencil and ink on paper, 3DS MAX 6, Photoshop 5.5
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Totally awesome!
coolmarvin's avatar
He looks cute, heh :)
magicmaster50060's avatar
it looks really good
the shading, the colors, the wind effect

good job

may the froce be with you
ChocoboDragon's avatar
0________0 Pose and colouring and everything else is done so well! Nice idea using 3DS Max with the wind, it turned out really, really nicely :D
ming85's avatar
Love your soft coloring technique as well, really superb work here. The background has fantastic colours, just what the pic needs with all that black. Very eyecatching and dramatic!!
Kata's avatar
Awesome job Tim! :D I love the coloring and the whole magazine look is awesome! :D Well done!!!
sycle's avatar
Thankyou! ^_^
Kata's avatar
Always my friend :D :D :glomp:
madelief's avatar
Oh wauw, that's really beautiful!
The coloring is perfect... I wouldn't mind reading that book ^_^
sycle's avatar
Thankyou! :) Hehe, if only I had time to make the comic itself >_> ...
joshyartist's avatar
ooooooo purdy dude
SesakaTH's avatar
Wow! :omg: It looks like an actual comic! O.O
dynamicsketch's avatar
Man! That looks awesome. Love how you handle the shades and highlights here.
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More super Tim goodness. Nice one... you've gotten quite a lot of inspiration out of these games haven't you? *s* nice to see you have the time these days to do something like this.

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Oh I don't really have the time for this ^_^ but it was a birthday present for someone important to me so I did it anyway
vasillis-childe's avatar
'Tis teh awesomed.

You rock. Is there anything more that needs saying?

~The Professor
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Cheers dude :) I only wish I had the time to make this a series - there are so many sub titles that suggest themselves for Sascha's cover :)
vasillis-childe's avatar

Upsettingly, I can see that...

~The Professor
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I've already given my full review in blubbering and squealing like the fan girl I am at the party.

Anyway, I love the wind. If I had to pick just one thing in this, it wouuld be the way the wind was done. Much, much awesome.
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Hehehe :)

And the wind was hard to conceptualise actually... I figured at first I'd just ink it in and shade it lightly to make it look transparent across the top, but really, how on earth can you see wind? You can feel wind, you can see wind blowing things about but how do you actually show wind itself? If you think about it, the spinning coils don't make any sense, even though they look like wind...
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You know I thnk it's great ^_^ But I wanna tell the rest of the passers-by.

T'IS AWESOMENESS ^_^!! I really loe that wind effect, it works so well ^_^
sycle's avatar
Hehehe, thankyou! :) And yus, I thought the wind came out very nicely
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This is a really nice "mock cover". The colors are great and I especially like the whirlwind SFX. I think that if that would be a real cover, you couldn't do better! ^__~
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