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Daenerys || Master Ranger of Aryn


8/5/19 Finally an update for my bb. Just the most sullen young boi.
Still gotta fill in her group history
11/3/19 Silven winter coat time! summer coat down in physique.

"He will wipe every tear from their eyes.

There will be no more death, or mourning or crying or pain, for the old order of things has passed away.”


Basic Info

Name: Daenerys

Derived From: the Greek Goddess 'Erys'

meaning: Goddess of Stryfe, Discord, and Destruction
[ Alt. meaning: God will be the judge of my destruction, Destruction has come to this valley ]

Origin: Game of Thrones, Greek Mythology

Common Nicknames: Erys, Dan[ny]

Gender: Female

Age: Young Adult

Pack Info

Birth Pack: Aryn
Current Pack: Aryn

Current Rank: Rah'at
Starting Rank: Pup
Aspiring Rank: --

Current Task: Ranger
Previous Task: Courser

Familial Relations


Dan's Familial Relations 

 [too many] 

Heritage: Arynian
[Mother] Athena - Lady of Aryn [Deceased]
[Father] Alcatraz - Lord of Aryn [Deceased]

Aesthetics and Physique

Predicted Weight: 115lbs

Predicted Height: 34'' - 35"
Summer Coat

| Build: 
Strong, but Lithe. Muscular, very well-built for fighting, but lithe enough to run extensively. Her fur gives her an elegant form despite her strong build.
| Gait: Cat-like, elegant and graceful with a slightly menacing stalk of an approach. She has a tendency to hang her head these days... but is only ever the more threatening with it.
| Fur: Daenerys had an ebony black coat similar to her mother's, though with a lack of the blue tint. She has brown marks she inherited from her father and a defining silver mane, a color not uncommon in her family, though the positioning of the silver on her neck is a bit odd.
Her fur is soft and fluffy, falling in thick, heavy waves that are simply uncontrollable in  the wind or breeze. Her 'mane' that she inherited from her father has given her a rather feminine figure despite her muscular stature.

| Defining features:
Long pointed ears
Distinguishable silver markings against her black coat
Long claws to aid her footing along hard terrain.
Nimble paws from her mother
Long, muscular legs.
An impressively voluminous mane from her father.
Long incisors which occasionally droop bellow her lips, particularly when she smiles.

| Eyes:
A pale, pigmented icy-steel similar her mother's, though giving off a Violet sheen apposed to blue.
Cat-like and slender.

| Scars:
Several scars running down from the base of her jaw to the fold of her breastbone which she was gifted by a loner as a juvenile.
Several fresher claw marks across her face from a very gracious mountain lion.

| Aura:
Soothing but Authoritative.

| Voice:
Deep and raspy, like a constant whisper.


Mood Board.

Personality Type: PROTAGONIST (ENFJ-A)
Alignment: Lawful Neutral
Main Theme[link]
[Noble | Gracious | Vengeful | Coquettish | Committed | Tactical | Witty | Impervious | Gentle |  Just | Spiritual | Rational | Observant |
Some traits have been more affected than others by recent events of the Blood War.

Pastel Purple Bullet   Observant and Alert: Erys has always been alert, even more so now than ever with the Inquisition. Though she might not always act it, she watches every little movement, and listens to every little whisper wherever she goes.

Pastel Purple Bullet   Committed and Loyal: Daenerys' loyalty and commitment is not to be taken lightly. She will do anything deemed necessary for the welfare of those she is loyal to, even to the point of her own demise. Her loyalty is incredibly difficult to break, however when it is violently enough broken, there is nearly no chance that you will regain it. While she is a girl of second chances, she will not be a doormat.
 Now with Aryn's Inquisition, Dan's views of loyalty are carefully weighed, but fiercer than ever to her pack as a whole. The individual is not as important as the pack as a whole. She will always put the entirety of Aryn first, no matter the cost.

Dot Bullet (My Purple) - F2U!   Stoic but Unpredictable: Daenerys is extremely stoic, and is well-known for it, but while Danny will stay stoic in the face of adversity, if pushed to her breaking point, she will become unhinged and will lash out drastically. She will not be abused for an eternity and will eventually lay down the law- very harshly. She will not stand for disrespect, to herself, to Aryn, or to Raphael.

Dot Bullet (My Purple) - F2U!  Reserved: Daenerys is not a wolf of many words. She speaks when her words hold weight, or her opinion needs to be spoken, though she's expert at holding her tongue when necessary, making her a profficent envoy. 
Her emotions are her own and it's unlikely for her to share them openly, even if she's been hurt. Recently, Daenerys is fairly sullen, and depressed. But those closest to her can still make her smile.

Dot Bullet (My Purple) - F2U!  Sarcastic and Dark Humored: Total sarcastic ass, but her tone of delivery is a humorous one usually. Danny has always had a bit of a dark streak when it came to her sense of humor, but it seems to have taken a dive into darker areas such as joking about her own death, and other such more dangerous topics to joke about......

Dot Bullet (Black) - F2U!  Callous and Impervious Brave and Courageous: Danny does not consider her fear in the face of curiosity or danger to her person. Though she is not a sociopath and does experience fear under the appropriate circumstances, her desire to learn and her overwhelming urge to protect her family overcomes any fear that presents itself to her.
 Instead of continuing in the face of fear, Erys no longer feels fear... not since the day she saw her parent's bodies laying red and lifeless at the lone apple tree.

What happens will happen- and perhaps she'll see her mother and father again.

Dot Bullet (Black) - F2U!   Vengeful but Rational Danny's incredibly devoted and loyal personality, combined with her rather straight-forward outlook on things has caused her to become vengeful as of late. Seeing those who are dear her being hurt and killed has provided her a strong lust for Vengeance. She will go through any sort of hell to bring those who harmed her family to justice. Despite how set she is on bringing these Heathens to justice, she will be patient. No marching into Vektren alone... yet.

Pastel Purple Bullet   Gracious: Danny is incredibly gracious, even to the point of sacrificial for others. When it is in her power to extend help or blessing to any wolf she cares about, she will never turn down the opportunity. 

Pastel Purple Bullet   Gentle yet Just:  Daenerys is a gentle she-wolf. Any troubled soul that she comes across has her sympathy and her hand of help without hesitation. When someone has wronged her or her family for an understandable cause, she will forgive them and have mercy for them, yet only to a rational degree. A severe enough offence, and she will stop at nothing to obtain justice for the victim and the perpetrator. 

Pastel Purple Bullet   Reverential and Studious: Daenerys holds an amazing amount of respect for her elders and those above her. Though she can appear stubborn at first, she will not disobey any instruction from her superiors. She's an incredible learner, soaking up every bit of information and advise that touch her ears. [If she happens to be paying attention.]
Dan adored every second of being her mother's apprentice, and hopes one day she might be able to pass the same training on to her own apprentice.

Dot Bullet (My Purple) - F2U!    Unbowed: Erys will not easily be deterred from her ideals. Her goals, her values, and her idea of justice are things of which her opinions will not be swayed. She's confident in her ability to make proper decisions and it's unlikely for anyone aside from her superiors to bend her decisions. No amount of oppression can deter her perseverance, but only cause her to push harder and stronger.

Dot Bullet (My Purple) - F2U!   Spiritual and Religious:  Even as a young puppy, Danny could sit and listen to the Vicars speak about The One and his loving guidance for hours on end. As she grows in strength and stature she grows as well in her spiritual relationship with The One. Though generally not a talkative she-wolf, a conversation concerning the spiritual is the easiest way to open her up about her views of the world, and herself.

Dot Bullet (My Purple) - F2U!   Calculating and Tactical:  Danny doesn't dive into situations without a thorough calculation of the consequences. When the circumstances permit her, she will sit and give the situation a thorough thinking-through before coming to a conclusion and performing and action. Even in a fleeting moment's choice, she will give her options a swift scanning before taking action.

Dot Bullet (Black) - F2U!   Witty and Coquettish: Despite Daenerys being a reserved she-wolf, it's a common occurrence for her make quick witted comments, throwing those she interacts will off, and occasionally even surprising them with the nature of her sarcasm and jokes. After the age of Juvenile, Danny engages in gentle, innocent flirting. Oddly enough playing this game of flirt is one of her favorite activities despite how gentle and quiet she generally behaves. While her flirting is usually innocent with no motive, in order for her to play this game with an individual, the wolf will have to be attractive to her in some soft form.

Dot Bullet (Black) - F2U!   Manipulative: Danny enjoys bending people to her will. Her caring spirit will not allow her to cause others any harm, but it pleases her to torque and turn their actions. While her manipulation within her pack is gentle and rare, with those she interacts with outside of her Arynian family, her manipulation is far more drastic and potent. Erys is not afraid to do whatever is necessary to protect and provide her family, and will even stoop to deception if necessary.

Romantic Information

Orientation : Heterosexual
Daenerys considers herself to be 'asexual' ; 
believing she can't be attracted to anyone, though this is completely untrue.//
Gender: Female
: Pronouns : 
[She, Her, She-wolf, ect.]
Status: ---
Mate: wut.
Virginity: Virgin 
Taken by: ---
History: ---


Turn On's
Intelligence is a crucial factor to Daenerys. 
Granted, she does consider herself as having no ability to feel an attraction to anyone, 
a he-wolf with a keen sense of intelligence and a canny disposition does fascinate her to a degree.

Turn Offs
No brains.
Lack of discretion

  ~ Attraction
  ~ Crush
  ~ Intimate
  ~ Regrets

Current Attractions

Previous Attractions
Lycan [Deceased]


   From the point she was a puppy until now, Danny has always had a tendency to drift into her own world of thought, or imagination. Despite being so observant, she can sometimes drift into an almost trance-like state of mind where he mind races away from her...

  Daenerys considers the entirety of Aryn her family. When referring to 'family', it's most commonly including the entire pack.

 Danny finds great pleasure in watching other wolves and animals carry on with their lives. She's enjoys studying their tendencies and watching how they interact and behave. This in turn aids her in her own interactions with them.

  Daenerys is by no means a beast master, though she thoroughly enjoys the company of ravens and other birds, finding their presence soothing and pleasant.

 As Daenerys has always been so fond of birds, particularly ravens, as a pup hopes she will some day fly like the birds in the sky. As a puppy, Danny believes if she can run hard and fast enough, someday she'll be able to fly in above the ground with the birds.
As a juvenile she enjoys running beneath the flying flocks and 'racing' some of the more friendly fowl.

  Daenerys has a DEEP hatred for violence, believing situations can and should be resolved before things become physical. This is the main reason why she desires to aid in negotiations. However when she is pushed far enough, even as she hates it, she will use her fangs.
War changes many things.

Extra Themes:

Pre- Group History

Daenerys was a child of war, the blood war between the witch cult of Vektren posing as Blutwald, and the noble clan of Aryn. The Alphas, Lady and Lord of Aryn, brought their third litter into the world to raise them as strong pillars of hope in a dark time. Thus when Daenerys came into this world alongside her siblings, the pack rejoiced. Athena named her child 'Daenerys' for the Goddess of Stryfe of Discord, symbolizing the dark times the pack was enduring, as dark as her daughter's ebony coat. Daenerys would be raised and trained in strength and wisdom, someday to bring the same stryfe and discord brought upon her family, back onto those it is due.

Group History

[Bone log TBA]

Thanks OneMinuteSketch for helping me with the sketch <333

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Hey Sych! Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but it appears this piece and several other pieces of art of yours has been re-uploaded here without permission/credit.… :C