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We have won the war against Synck the satanic user by SychoticNinjaKlown We have won the war against Synck the satanic user by SychoticNinjaKlown
Have you ever heard of a user who born in Bosnia and Herzegovina in August 11 1997 and his name is Ljubinko Nikolich AKA "DuckAss" AKA "DuckSS" AKA "DuckSS Farm" AKA "The Furry-Loving Nazi Zoophile" AKA "Synck" AKA "Pissed Off Synck" "SynckEdge" AKA "Empty and Cold Void" in this following list here:
- who is secretly a satanic user therefore he is hooked and is really into satanism?
- who thinks that being hooked and addicted into dank-memes and spamming dank-jokes a lot makes him seem very cool,
- who thinks that it is alright to be an asshole including cyber-bullying, and tells someone to cut their own hands or arms whenever there is a problem between Synck and some various users,
- who thinks it's alright to be evil and do whatever the hell he wants including being wicked, blasphemous, unholy, and anti-theistic to various religious and spiritual people who clearly haven't done anything wrong as they're minding their own business,
- who thinks that he can get to do whatever the hell he wants including randomly targeting and attacking some users with insults including racial and homophobic insults such as "N-bomb" and "F-bomb",
- who is silently and secretly jealous of just about basically everyone around him including being jealous because of the fact that no one loves Synck at all which makes him spam the insulting joke of "Synck is playing with your waifu",
- who clearly has really bad anger-issues, never let go most problems that he got himself into and will want to be out-of-control whenever his problems in his past including someone who Synck really hates has come back to him?

If you never have heard nor know of Synck at all, not even once ever in your life time, that's perfect. Better off that way because this asshole knows that he himself is a really bad-blooded, nihilistic, sick individual for a very long time. He did try all his best effort to keep his dark side a secret from everyone
But when he finally and idiotically let the cat out of the bag in Discord chat server "MFFA", he has been vilified by the communities in Discord more than the communities in Youtube.
In Youtube, a lot of users were sickened by the fact that this poisonous demonic user dares to touch and defile videogame fan's favorite characters including famous characters from the game series "King of Fighters" such as Yuri, K, and Kula as well as MegaMan, Sonic and Goku from the game series "Dragon Ball".

Seriously, this sick, very evil, bad-blooded individual needs to die an extremely slow and painful death including being impaled on a spiky steel ball, being entangled in burning-hot barb-wires, have his intestines hanged out of his cut-opened belly and being injected with cancer-causing burning acid!

Here are the following links related to Synck listed below: sweethumansynck69.deviantart.c………………

Synck's true dark side and the real reasons why Discord communities silently and secretly has been hating Synck so much more than Youtube communities as well as
why we The Sychotic Ninja Klowns have been targeting and ruining his life a lot, even up to right now.
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