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Painting+ Hair tutorial

EDIT: thank you for 500 favourites and a thousand followers!!!! :iconslashshockplz:omg was seriously not expecting it to do this well;;; I forgot to add this in earlier, but if you do use this tutorial I'd love to see the final result!!

UHHHH I DIDN'T GO IN TO ALL THE TECHNICAL+BASIC STUFF so if you don't understand anything don't hesitate to ask!!!!!

Final piece here:


What programme do you use?

SAI for everything. I only use photoshop for text and geometric shapes.

How do you choose colours?

My general rule is that if your highlights are warmer than the base colour, your shadows should be cooler than the base colour (for example for the bat boy DARK BLUE SHADOWS/BLUE PURPLE BASE/ YELLOW AND RED HIGHLIGHTS); If your highlights are cooler than the base colour, your shadows should be warmer than the base colour. (In the hair step by step, MAGENTA SHADOWS/ ORANGE BASE/BLUE HIGHLIGHTS)

but there are also exceptions to this rule, the only way to find out is too experiment!!!! :iconsawbplz:

How do you make your colours so bright and vibrant?


What tools do you use in SAI?

I literally only use the pen and marker tool, but I keep adjusting the opacity/minimum size and the shape of the brush to fit whatever I'm doing.
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I'm really confused at the hair coloring part @_@
milk-kit's avatar… I was wondering if you could critique my attempt with this tutorial? c;
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I just had to add this to my favourites for the step 2: make him unbald :heart:
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hi i just wanted to say this tutorial helped me a lot and a long time ago on a previous account i promised i would show you what i drew and here it is!!! \o/
i hope im not copying your style too much but im secretly like your biggest fan and it took me the longest time to grow the balls to write this ////////
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omg stop stop stop nobody other than psy needs to know im such a fangirl
This is so cute!! How do you make the inside of the cape have that splotchy/natural media look like that? 
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This is the funniest and most helpful tutorial I've seen. You just earned a +Watcher.
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Thank you very much for this tutorial! :D
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I lost it at rainbow *ss sh*t.
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XD rainbow ass shit
so true
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How do to change the color of the lineart to skin color?
please ;A; help me x'D I'm new in tablet
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On the lineart layer, select the 'keep opacity' (I think that's what it's called.. Above the clipping group option) and colour over the lineart with the colour you want :) (large pen tool works)
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;A; thank you so much! I will put into practice! you're very friendly ~ ;A;
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No problem ^.^ I had the same questions a short while ago (my tablet's fairly new as well)
Good luck :3
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beautiful tut~!
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Ahmg its senpai's tutorial <3

It helped a lot!! <3 Thanks!!
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YEAHHH!! i used this for my painting, and it looks great!! :iconsoemotionalplz: THANK YOU SOO MUCH...!!

erm... but do you mind takin' a quick look to see if i need some changes? you dont have to though!!! >-<
Sychandelic's avatar
of course!! I don't mind at all, thanks for using my tutorial!!!
AnimeART-by-Ari-a's avatar
your tutorial was amazing!! ^o^ thank you! here ya go~ ---->animeart-by-ari-a.deviantart.c…
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ahhhh thanks for using my tutorial!! :iconureshiiplz:

 Firstly, I know how hard it is to colour with a mouse (Trust me, I've been there lol) but one of the things I think you could work on is the way you coloured the hair; I notice that the orange and blue is sort of randomly placed and isn't really tallying with the shadows and highlights of hair. This can't really be explained, but you'll get it with enough practice (sometimes it helps to stare at other artist's artworks to see how they draw/colour).

A general guide is that the hair's shadows in anime colouring usually originate around the top of the head, with additional shadows from the loose strands; The highlights usually form an even ring around the head (unless there is a lightsource) Just keep in mind that hair isn't one mass, it's a lot if individual strands that are simplified into locks; it shouldnt be coloured like how you would colour a shirt or the skin. 

The other thing is the anatomy, while it is difficult to learn, should be studied as soon as possible, if not you'll regret it later!!! You don't have to take courses or whatever but just try drawing people from life, or if that makes you uncomfortable there are websites like posemaniacs to help you out!  In this picture the hand with the ribbon looks detatched from the body, and the forearm is too short. Also there is a specific structure to the ear, you can try looking at references or tutorials!!

Sorry for having such an intimidating wall of text, but I really hope my critique helos you!!
AnimeART-by-Ari-a's avatar
*lol when i saw this, i was like, "oh shit." :iconohgodwhyplz:"

thank you!!!! :iconcraiyuiplz: SERIOUSLY THANK YOU! i realllllllllllllllyyyyy neeeded advice for this sort of stuff! this will definitely help me a lot in the future!!
pppfffftttttt your advice is much better than what i get from my art teachers in school lol XDD

but, really! thank you so very much.
Sychandelic's avatar
oohhhh glad it helped!!!! <3 I love critiquing works haha so it's no problem at all! 
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