Contest is over! Thank you everyone! :)

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So, the contest is over and last night I got a handful of last entries that managed to hit the "30 entries" mark - which means all three price packs are unlocked (although I'd have given them out anyway, to be honest ^^;)
I'm really impressed with the quality of your entries, naturally I had my favs along the way but now that all is said and done these favs have piled up and I have no clue how to pick only three out of all of them. I'll probably have a look at all of them again with a few friends and then announce the winning images tonight or tomorrow, so that I can give out the prices before I'm off to archery week in Hungary.

Thank you again everyone who has entered! In my opinion the contest was a great success and I'll probably host another one in summer - I hope you had as much fun painting and drawing and manipulating as I did receiving every single artwork :)

by DestructiveNight

Coyote Places the Stars by dedicatedfollower467
by dedicatedfollower467

Finnish Fairie/elf by AleKaiLin
by AleKaiLin

*syccas-stock Mythology Contest: Breathmaker by EnchantedWater
by EnchantedWater

Cherokee Rose by jori-ulrand
by jori-ulrand

Iara the Amazon River Queen with .PSD by PSHoudini
by PSHoudini

Grandmother Spider by amethystmoonsong
by amethystmoonsong

Acca Laurentia by MassimoGuidi
by MassimoGuidi

by snappapple

The Great Turtle by LadyBlue-Art
by LadyBlue-Art

Iara e o Boto cor-de-rosa by Wesley-Souza
by Wesley-Souza

The girl of my eyes by calis-chokoreto
by calis-chokoreto

El trauco by yashi-lin
by yashi-lin

by Nephire

by J-ZeroSK

by SebastianBecker

Lobisome by Callibanda
by Callibanda

by SiZNArt

The Nymph by Catherine-PL
by Catherine-PL

Schrat by tymora11
by tymora11

Hel awaits the White God. by Dark413
by Dark413

American Folklore - Babe by SeerOfEndor
by SeerOfEndor

White Snake Spirit by thatpaperfox
by thatpaperfox

by PaulHectorT

Jackalope Night by Caraphae
by Caraphae

Merseburg Incantations by Pretty-Angel
by Pretty-Angel

Geldegwsets by EKeziahP
by EKeziahP

by radioactiveroach

Robin Hood : syccas-stock Contest by Wild-Theory
by Wild-Theory

Athena by cciintra
by cciintra

by Chibi-Dracul

list may be upgraded, depending on how many of you guys I can beg to donate more prices ^^

1st place (10+ entries)
1-year-subscription to dA (or equivalent in points)
exclusive stock, created as per request (within my possibilities) – 20 images
two exclusive stock packs by :iconpiratelotus-stock:
commissioned 1 chara full body OR 2 chara 3/4 body OR up to 3 chibis by :iconsnappapple:
commissioned digital painting by :iconhungryxhungryxhippos:
journal features by: :iconglasperlenspielerin: :iconsyccas-stock: :iconhungryxhungryxhippos:

2nd place (20+ entries)
6-month-subscription to dA (or equivalent in points)
exclusive stock, created as per request (within my possibilities) – 10 images
one exclusive stock pack by :iconpiratelotus-stock:
commissioned 1 chara full body OR up to 2 chibis by :iconsnappapple:
journal features by: :iconglasperlenspielerin: :iconsyccas-stock: :iconhungryxhungryxhippos:

3rd place (30+ entries)
3-month-subscription to dA (or equivalent in points)
exclusive stock, created as per request (within my possibilities) – 5 images
one exclusive stock pack by :iconpiratelotus-stock:
commissioned 1 chibi by :iconsnappapple:
journal features by: :iconglasperlenspielerin: :iconsyccas-stock: :iconhungryxhungryxhippos:

:bulletgreen: STOCK RULES :bulletgreen:

The two most important ones:

:bulletgreen: Additional rules and FAQ: :bulletgreen:

If you want to use pieces created with this stock outside dA that's usually fine - I'd be grateful, though, if you could tell me beforehand what you're going to use it for and I'd like to see the finished product, if possible. For commercial use please contact me first! (I'll most likely give you permission anyway but if you use my model stock I may have to check back with the model, especially when it comes to manips and their faces are still clearly distinguishable)
EXCEPTION: The Apassionata photos are NOT to be used in ANY commercial way!

Concerning packs: Click on the preview image to see a bigger preview image. Click "download" to get all the single images (in a big version) in one rar-pack. If there are links in the descriptions you have the option to only get single photos of the pack, these single pics are located in my scraps. I will also reupload the single photos of my latest packs to make browsing easier.

Don't repost my stock images as photography and don't use them to create your own stock images, if you want to do something like that (pixel doll bases, for example) ask me at first and we can talk about it. This stock was uploaded to directly aid artists in a creative process, please treat it as such.

If you feel the need to be rude about my models and/or about the bad quality of my older stock-packs you can save me and everyone else a not-so-nice conversation by keeping it to yourself. I realise several photos of my early days are grainy and sometimes even badly focused (believe it or not, I did not drop from the sky being as awesome as I am today :D) but while manipulators may cringe in pain, artists seeking for pose reference can work well with grainy stock pics (there's enough evidence in my fav-section). So, I will keep them up for now.

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Yay, you got my entry !! I'm so stupid I didn't think I should give you the link... I was frustrated all day long ! ^___^;;;