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Hi guys,

I wanted to take a minute to thank you for all the lovely years here on dA - I still check my feed on a regular basis and am happy to see new art being made with my stock. However, when I moved to Scotland 5 years ago I had to take a break from Art and Art Reference. That break is now officially OVER!
I have new eager models and the beautiful landscape of Scotland at my disposal and finally the time to DO something with it. So if you want to see my new projects, please head over to where I will post my new art reference packs.

The reason for this migration is quite simple - larger pack sizes and more streamlined workflow options.
You'll also notice that I'm adding a small charge for the packs, but if you have my old images downloaded, you're welcome to keep using them, of course, regular rules apply. The packs I have on gumroad now do have additional shots that I never uploaded to dA but the overal themes and series are pretty much the same.

Either way, happy arting and I will keep checking my messages here :)
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I'd consider buying this, but there is no way I could download such a large file size. 
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this pack is 2.5GB all in all, which is quite common for reference providers off-dA - naturally there's many different artists with many different needs, sorry to hear the new location won't be able to meet yours but I'm sure you can still find plenty of amazing stock here as well :)