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Greetings ladies and gents! Because I found my last username lacking to reflect my gallery lately (is that what I am calling the last couple of years? wow), I decided it was bout time for a change. 

Summer so far has been anything but relaxing, but I think I finally managed to get over my artblock, so expect some new art from me pretty soon (but not during the week-ends; those will be my gardening days). And if you are still interested, don't hesitate to COMMISSION ME (4 slots open).

Mad girl, over and out.

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I have all of your art files at The Game's Afoot! under your old name. Does this mean I have to change everything to your new name?
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Nah, I don't think that is needed. But if you feel the need, you can add a "(now sycamoreleaf)" at the art of page if you feel the need to do anything. As far as I see, everything related to my old username is still redirected to where I am now, so I don't think you need to trouble yourself. 

Thank you for taking the time though, my dear. You're a very attentive group owner and you do this fandom proud :hug:
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That's a good idea. It can be like at the Fan Fiction page but in reverse. I'll just type those words, 'now sycamoreleaf' in the titles to each page. Yeah, I always provide a link back to the original page at dA or Tumblr. The viewer can then give a comment or reblog.

Aww, you're so sweet, Jessie! :heart: You've all been very helpful with my site too! I'd be lost without your many awesome contributions! :hug:
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Oy! I am very glad to hear you are over you artblock! It is always great to see works from you, you are soooo talented, especially your way of choosing colours is amazing! :happybounce: 
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HA! School has finally left me with something! Yeas and months of sweat and rejection... and now finally... SUCCESS!