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General Information

  • I am willing and open to draw any character of your choice from any series, including OC (original characters), but I am most open to characters from the fallowing: Disney, Pixar, Dreamworks and Studio Ghibli animated films and series, Marvel's the Avengers, Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. (Anything else will require you send me reference images and me to do more reserch on the character and show to better understand what you ask of me and thus will take me longer to complete.)
  • I will draw close to anything. As an artist I am open to whatever you are willing to throw at me, but keep in mind that I reserve the right to say "no" to your request. If I feel that your request is something I will not be able to complete, please don't believe it is anything personal. I am just not talented enough.
  • Each commission will be sent by e-mail/note in high definition 300dpi.
  • I accept paypal only in EURO for the time being and payment will be made in advance
  • Please send me a note with a quick description of the commission when you want one, so I can say yes or no. If needed be, we will continue negotiations when I will ask for more details.
  • I will send a sketch for validation, in case you'd like to change some little things before I will properly begin your comission. When I have your permission to run wild, the fun will begin. Ocasional screencaps of the coloring process will be sent to you if you request or if I will feel the need to ask for your input.
  • I'm reserving the right to attach certain prints to my portfolio and/or print and sell some works in the distant future if I will ever participate in any cons.

What I do


    - 1 character (portrait) : 10 euros ($13) (+5€ ($6.5)) for minimal shading (+5€ ($6.5) per chara)
    - 1 character (full body): 15 euros ($20) (+5€ ($6.5)) for minimal shading (+7€50 ($10) per chara)

    This is just a simple sketch/lineart form for me. I usually work my lineart in pencil and/or ink brush and scan it at a high resolution, but if asked I can and will make it digital. Any Layout (landscape, portrait, or square).

      Flower Crown Sauron [sketch] by sycamoreleaf doddles 001 by sycamoreleaf Laundry Day [sketch] by sycamoreleaf

    - 1 character (portrait) : 30€ ($39) +15€ ($20) per chara
    - 1 character (full body): 40€ ($52.5) +20€ ($26.5) per chara

    Simple cell-shaded colored ilustration. No background/flat color for backrgound.

    Abis Mal by sycamoreleaf  PONIES by sycamoreleaf We need to talk about the dogs by sycamoreleaf

    - 1 character (portrait) : 40€ ($52.5) +20€ ($26.5) per chara
    - 1 character (full body): 50€ ($65.5) +25€ ($33) per chara

    More detailed shading, simple or abstracted background; anything more complex will be charged extra Any layout (landscape, portrait, or square).

    Let's make a new tomorrow by sycamoreleaf Queen of the Earth by sycamoreleaf The Lord of Gifts by sycamoreleaf

If, by any chace what you desire does not fit any of the three categories please note or e-mail me and we will figure something out. Just bare in mind that for the moment I will generally not do what I have not not already showed in my gallery. Just as a btw.

How to Order

  • When you're ready, send me a dA note or e-mail me ( with this form filled out:

       YOUR NAME & E-MAIL:  
    (rist, second or third type)
    (provide links or attach images to e-mail)

    • I will invoice your Paypal address with the total amount, after confirming your request. Please let me know if you need to pay some other way. Your commission slot will be reserved as soon as you contact me, but forfeited if you cannot pay within a week. If for any reason I can't finish your commission and you've already paid, you WILL receive a full refund from me.


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