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WitD 14: Your move

Whispers in the Dark
a Great Mouse Detective fanfiction
Chapter 14 | Your move

illustrations.: prologue | 01 | 02 | 03 | 04 | 05 | 06 | 07 | 08 | 09 | 10 | 11 | 12 | 13 | 14...
the chapters: prologue | 01 | 02 | 03 | 04 | 05 | 06 | 07 | 08 | 09 | 10 | 11 | 12 | 13 | 14... (to be continued)

summary: AU - None believed that the hate-filled words of a little girl could still live on after more then 200 years, but when strange events start occurring in London the city's only hope of survival lies with one mouse ... and a rat?

OMG! :omg: Heaven help us! I updated! :la: - AND pleased with this :lol:

After such a long hiatus from art and almost everything else beside sleep, I am happy to bring you THIS! *yay for dorkish me! XD*

Thanks to the wonderful people who left a review with a suggestion for chapter 14's illustration, I actually unlazied myself and drew our favorite impossible-to-get-along-ithouth-sustaining-injury duo - Basil and Ratigan... PLAYING CHESS IN COOKIE'S KITCHEN! (who is a very lazy mole judging by the pile of plates on the counter ... well, at least the table looks clean) And lookie! Wood looks like wood! Thinker came back in the form of a hat! And Ratigan looks more like him then a hieroglyph! And I am hyper tonight :la:

Oh, ignore the rambling up there XD On a more serious note, I'm happy to be done with this. Although Ratigan's hands seem to be... wrong and Thinker can't seem to be keeping a steady size in my drawings, I am overall pleased with this one. Although the first two sketches for this one didn't seem right, I think some strange wish to try and doodle in SAI did the trick :3 It literally came flowing out! And I could even save paper! I LOVE SAI!!!! (only downside to this was that for some reason it didn't save right the first time and I had to re-do the whole sketch X( )

So - comments on the pic, comments on the chapter, silly chatter, critique (I WOULD LOVE YOU FOREVER!) ... anything would be welcome :wave:

Peace! :peace:

artwork and story © Jessica P. (2010)
Basil of Baker Street/The Great Mouse Detective © Eve Titus/Disney
please do not use without permission
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Shame the project went for broke... Guess we'll need more writers!

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I can say the same,we arrived too late..maybe i will re-write it and add other elements,whatever..that´s a pity in any way

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I'm not an expert on cartoons but then I'm not an idiot either. <img src="…" width="15" height="15" alt=":)" title=":) (Smile)"/>

Well it seems like you've got the basics - expressive faces that bring a character to life and show personality, the exaggerated and varied body types and lively actions.

I like how it's not overworked but I think you could've done more with the lighting. You did good since the atmosphere is obvious and "feels right" but it's kinda confusing since the fireplace seems to be the main light source but there's some strong light on the big guy's tale and other parts of the scene.

But all in all it's nice piece of work.
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..Ratigan....the world's greatest criminal mind!
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As this is a neutral spot for a game of chess it presumably is amicable, although anything with Rattigan becomes suspect.  He may hope to delay Basil by his chess game.  On the other hand, it is a quiet way to test their brains against each other.   I do like this picture.
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Please continue with your story, I'm dying to hear more on this tail, as well as see more of your art on this please.
Heyhopperart's avatar
Omg :iconhappyloveplz: !! This is simply amazing! I love pictures of the 2 together! Their expressions are amazing :D and the colours.. oh my my, you are an AMAZING artist!
SherlockHolmes90's avatar
Can you do a pic of Basil slapping Ratigan? I'd love to see that XD
Bindi-the-skunk's avatar
pardon me asking but whens the next chapter ?
sycamoreleaf's avatar
hopefully sometime before I die... school's not helping in that department but hopefully come this july
SherlockHolmes90's avatar
I can't belive that they are playing chess instead of strangling each other! Man Cookie your good...
sycamoreleaf's avatar
Never underestimate the cook. Especially when they're blind as a... well... mole...
Tiger-Tomboy14's avatar
I love this chapter. You have allowed us to see another side of Ratigan. And the interactions between Basil and Ratigan are hilarious!
Amazing story. It keeps one on ones toes, yet allows them to "try" to solve the case. I am really want to know what happens...please continue the story...I am dying to know how it will all end!
Tiger-Tomboy14's avatar
For chapter 15, maybe you can do a picture of the scene where Dawson and Inspector Voles talking about how worried they are for Basil.

Friend showed me your pics and I checked out "Whispers of the Dark", now I'm hooked. It is really good. Keep up the good work!!!:)
luvkirby4ever's avatar
Oh my goodness! My sister loves the Great Mouse Detective! I need to watch it again :D

I love the scenario here!
sycamoreleaf's avatar
Thank you very much :heart:
souskeuchiha's avatar
jolly good! i love the litle bee on basil's head!
sycamoreleaf's avatar
Thank you :aww:
Great Mouse Detective needed a pet bee... why wasn't it a pet bee? :(
souskeuchiha's avatar
i think he should get a pet bee! that would be amusing to see him sick it on criminals
EarthShroom's avatar
I love the poses here and you've captured them well. Great work!
Glacia1's avatar
LOL this is awesome! I wonder if Ratigan was up to something or that he is simply amused at the fact that there's a bee on Basil's head?
sycamoreleaf's avatar
Hmm... maybe a little bit of both? ;P
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