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WitD 04: Caught

Whispers in the Dark
a Great Mouse Detective fanfiction
Chapter 04 | Caught

illustrations.: prologue | 01 | 02 | 03 | 04 | 05 | 06 | 07 | 08 | 09 | 10 | 11 | 12 | 13 | 14 ...
the chapters: prologue | 01 | 02 | 03 | 04 | 05 | 06 | 07 | 08 | 09 | 10 | 11 | 12 | 13 | 14 ...
(to be continued)

summary: AU - None believed that the hate-filled words of a little girl could still live on after more then 200 years, but when strange events start occurring in London the city's only hope of survival lies with one mouse ... and a rat?

... I will not say a word ... I know I failed ... I KNOW ...

I am not pleased with this one one bit, but considering the fact that I've been at this for only 27 minutes ... *epic fail* HOW is it that my FAVORITE chapter had such an AWFUL piece for an illustration?!

Well anyway, at least all's not compleatelylost. I was meaning to experiment a bit with shadows and see what kind of an effect I can create ... seems I found out. I'll remember to keep away from it next time.

... Anywho, since I didn't have the energy to draw a full illustration of "catching the bee", I settled for the "this is not good" moment ;P because I'm lazy

Might scrap this one eventually and make something better some day, but for the moment ... don't kill me!

:new: chapter six of Whsipers in the Dark is now up: [link]

artwork and story (+ Thinker a.k.a. the bee) © Jessica P. (2010)
Basil of Baker Street/The Great Mouse Detective © Eve Titus/Disney
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© 2010 - 2022 sycamoreleaf
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Actually, this one is pretty good. I like it. Its pretty.
My name is Apartheid. Your hands will be taken. Your feet will be taken. Do not run. Do not hide.
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Oh, the bee is adorable! ^_^ That's Thinker, right? :)
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Yup, the bee is indeed named Thinker :aww:
(Basil gave it to her so the bee will remember to actually think before it acts ;P )
Where are its legs? What happened to them? A boating accident? A Llama? A badger? A spider? Did it grow out of them? Was there a tragic accident involving a naked waleshman riding a flaming unicycle?

Once again I can't think of any reason why mouses are so okay with incects half their size scurrying about? And about the size of said incects: There was a butterly roughly the size of a dinnerplate in an earlier picture, then there was an unidentified species of a Rainbow Llama that was only the size of a baseball and now there's this; A bee half their size. So, either this bee is freaking huge by nature (and that'd bee a queen) or its because of Tsernobyl... or some such thing.

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llamas! llamas everywhere!!! and glitter ... glitter ... GLITTER?! AHHHHH!!! EDWARD (not the alchemist) IS HERE!!! Every man for himself! SAVE YOURSELVES!!!
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Awww! It's a cute bee!
I especially like the coloring of the piece!
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Thank you :heart:
I tend to experiment a lot ... seems it wasn't all for noth' XD
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:huggle: sooo cute!!!
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That's a big bee! :O_o: I have to admit, there is something that I like about this piece far more than the rest of it, yet I'm kind of unsure to explain it out loud. Other then that, it's a very cute scene, IMHO! :aww:
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Been craking my head open for days trying to figure out just HOW big a normal bee is compared to a mouse ... Now, if a bee should have - more or less - one to two cm, and a mouse has around six or seven ... Help XD

Can you at least gimme a hint? :meow: Now I'm VERY curious :sherlock:
Brinatello's avatar's seeeee, now I can see your frustrations here. :no: I keep thinking Basil stands at six inches in vertical view (when on two feet), and that's considered TALL for a mouse. Bees, being of average size are 1/2 inch. Honey bees, though, measure 3/4 of an inch in length.

Here's a hint: Look at Basil's eyes and the direction they're pointed. What do you see?
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I most certainly need to think things threw then ... eventually ...

:giggle: Well, there should be a certain human ;P
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Haha, same here for meeeee. :D

Oh, Holmes? Yeah, I figured he was very close by. ;) But, I'm focusing directly on Basil's eyes themselves. I like it when characters are looking up out of any direction of view. It shows a symbol of either hope, fear, wondering, sadness, or desiring for answers. Looking up is like looking to the heavens for help, looking for a sign that everything will be all right. In this case, Basil is worried about getting caught by the humans and the looking up used here is both fear and caution. It's similar to a drawing I did awhile back. Looking up and afraid of being found.
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Maybe it would look cuter if it actually looked like a semi-realistic bee with big puppy eyes.
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Me trying ^^; I'll try and work on her design a bit more, but for now ... well ... Thinker was created for comedy reasons more then anything else XD
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