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We need to talk about the dogs

Actually, my Lord, they are werewolfs.

Lazy sunday in Angband. Sauron is planning out some drafts for a new armor design (headcanon: dude’s left-handed), Melkor is polishing his crown, I forgot about his burnt hands but I am too lazy to change it now and the idea that a certain maia needs an island of his own may have taken root in one dark vala’s mind.

And yes, I cracked somewhere because school pressure so my solution was to angbang. 1h. photoshop.

artwork © Jessica P. (2013)
The Silmarillion © J.R.R. Tolkien

The Lord of Gifts by sycamoreleaf

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I almost missed the dogs in the back, that's a lot of dogs... and now it makes sense :)
LadyofAzzaroth's avatar
Wonderful and adorable :)
Sketchevrywir's avatar
more proof that everybody is actually will graham
Eithel-of-Tirion's avatar
Hahaha Melkor looks so bothered !! xD so cool !
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Wannabe-Star's avatar
This is why Sauron moved out. The werewolves are so cute
sycamoreleaf's avatar
We've cracked the mystery. Let us award ourselves medals.
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Poor Mairon; no one seems to like his puppies. XD
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Seecretly after Sauron gets his island and his puppies get deported, Melkor would sometimes miss the usual "wofs" and "barks" and "GRR" and Sauron knows but Melkor will deny it to the end.
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Maybe I should say that everyone secretly loves Sauron's puppies. ;) (except maybe Beren . . .and Finrod . . .they may feel differently . . .)
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*loves everything*
Anamia's avatar
Just wait till they get flees....
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... Melkor is definitely getting Sauron that island. 
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LOL! An own island... Yeah, and we know how that ended, no? xD The dogs are adorable, though. 
sycamoreleaf's avatar
I think that is what actually bothers Melkor the most. They would have been more bearable were they hideous hell-spawns, but they do seem to inflict enough damage and they do scare the elves when all grown up. Also, tell no-one but he's secretly feeding them table scraps. Sauron knows though. Sauron knows all. 
QuantumPhysica's avatar
Indeed, Sauron, the personification of the All-Seeing Eye, knows all xD
Oh dear, I'm imagining Melkor absent-mindedly patting the dogs, and then when he realizes Sauron is in the neighborhood, quickly shooing them away with much show of disdain...
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