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Random title is very random...

Very quick little doddle, and I can bet ya' there be only two people in the whole universe who can guess what this is all about... and I am not all that certain of one of them is me.

Hermione Granger and Zuri from ~Bezanthume's fanfic The Silent Slytherin... because I simply adore Zuri, and Hermione is so adorable and everyone in there is just so... AND IT HAS TOPH IN IT! WHO DOESN'T LOVE TOPH?!

And because this man is also responsible for my current Pony obsession, everyone say "hello" to the Pinkie Pie charm that I want to own really really bad! Even if pink and green don't work together... at all - who cares anymore. It's Pinkie Pie! :aww:

And what are they talking about? Hmm... probably something pony related and I don't asdfghjkl... SOMEONE WRITE ME A HARRY POTTER x MY LITTLE PONY CROSSOVER RIGHT NOW!

Mad girl, over and out!

artwork © Jessica P. (2011)
characters © much better people then I
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you're welcome ^-^
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hehehe,,like thiiiss :D
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So cute and nice!
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Thank you very much! :aww:
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HPxMLP... I'm intrigued... I'm not sure I should go there though. MLP was my favourite thing in the world when I was, oh, about my daughter's age. And 20% of nerdy HP obsessed Aspie is still 0% cool;)

Love the pic though. Now I have to check out the fanfic.
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You cannot deny that ponies do make everything all the more better :aww: The awesome animated ones at least =P
Still, why do I get this strong feeling that you have not yet seen the new Pony series - My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. As far as any kind of show goes, made for kids or otherwise, it holds up brilliantly. Much better then even the original series.

You should show this show to your daughter if you ever get the chance. All episodes can be found on YouTube and as far as the comments spree goes, nobody who watched this show left disappointed... except that one time when the episodes end, that is.
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great illustration!

I like the style & colors. :aww:
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thank you very much :aww:
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No problem! :aww:
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Even if you hadn't described the two characters this would still be a very pretty, charming picture. Cheers for rival house friendship! Oh and I love the MLP charm! I have not seen the new MLP series--it seems to be very popular.
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My Little Pony, Friendship is Magic = something one must watch in a lifetime

I guarantee - it will instantly make you 20% cooler.
You will instantly be 20 % cooler, in ten seconds flat, when you take the plunge and watch the awesomeness that is PONIES... I mean My Little Pony; Friendship is magic.

And if you don't, I'll hunt you down and love and tolerate the sh** out of you!
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Haha--OK I will take your recommendation and threat seriously! :)
Pinkie Pie makes everything better, like, at least 20 % cooler. And even though the books took place somewhere around the nineties, Pinkie Pie is awesome and random enough to make an apperance... Possibly in person, as a test in conjuration for our dear Zuri... Damn it, brain, stop trying to be as random as the said pink pony!

Well, Hermione's hair is as huge as ever and she just looks adorable overall and with a heavy pile of books, as usual. I'll have to say Zuri isn't what I picture in my head but I thought Dumbledore was a woman for the first three books... Finnish doesn't have "he" or "she" forms of addressing someone, so there's that, but still. The point being that Zuri's picture in my head changes day to day and she still looks adorable in this. Trying to hide her ears with a wool cap...

I feel like I should reference Ponies at this point, but nothing comes to mind at this moment. I shall keep writing and suddenly insert it in if I do think of something, instead of just actually scrolling up and adding it in here.

Damn, is Hermione's hair huge! Zuri has big hair too, but DAYUM, that thing's no moon, it's a space station! Oh right, moving on... I like how Zuri seems all embarrassed about thanking Hermione for working on a project with her, though her way of communication makes her put her words out there, cute little elf is cute!

Oh right, I like how Zuri's colour scheme tells the tale of her being a Slytherin, if you didn't catch the end of her scarf. She's not in Slytherin because she's a spoiled noble, she actually has no family and is in Slytherin because of her past decisions (mass murder, long story, do read it) and her drive and ambition. She's also mute, thus is the reason she has that note out with a thank you...

Couldn't think of anything of Ponies to quote... PONIES! MORE IS IN ORDER!
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Pinkie Pie... her awesomeness completes everything.
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