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Laundry Day [sketch]


During lecture today two things have been swarming through my head:

  1. out of the three fairies in Sleeping beauty, I have a sneaky suspicion Flora was the best aunt. All those times when Briar Rose was just a curious wee lass and kept asking the “why this” and “why that” and “I had a dream where a bear grew rabbit ears and started chirping like a bird” and “what are boys? can I be a boy? Boys slay dragons and free princess and why does Aunt Flora say I’m a princess I’m not going to let a big old dragon take me to his castle!” you all know Flora was the only one who had enough patience to deal with it all.
  2. what am I ever going to do with my life?

This shall be colored.

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nice drawing! Sleeping beauty looks cute as a little kid!
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Flora was my favorite of the fairies.  This is lovely!Love