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Geek Usopp

By SybLaTortue
~moe81 said geek!Usopp and I couldn't not draw him~
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I wonder if Usopp lied about being CompTIA certified to get the job... :D
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I think Usopp is the cutest thing ever, and I loved this!
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Sugoi-wa!  I can just picture him tinkering with assorted things like this in a One Piece college AU.
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luv it  *O*
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This is my favorite fanart of usopp ;v; so cute
RoronoaZoro9's avatar
ussop is a very good engineer... i like him as an angineer
Mori-na-Takara-kun's avatar
Aaaww.. :3 Usopp looks cuuute :D
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Heh. HE needs his glory, too. He saved Robin-chan In Enies Lobby !
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Wow, I love this! *u* The background... And usopp ajfgajshf I love him x3 Great job!
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Wow... so much epic. ^^ Fav'd
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I love geek usopp ^^ :heart:
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J'adore ! Vive Usopp'n ! :)
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so that's the modern life ussop,huh,nice job,syb,it's really pretty good,i think it's the best job for ussop!
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^_^ Aw, it's adorable. He's got his gadgets goin'.
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I favourited this ages ago, but I just gotta say: I love this work so much. :D
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Not canon One Piece, yet he fits PERFECTLY into this environment! The shading was done well and i love this style you used. And the layers with the wiring also added a nice touch to everything! Lovely piece! :iconusoppplz:
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Somehow... this is hot! =D
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