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The Red Warriors: A Short Story


This was made as an example of an entry in the Art and Writing Category of The Original Character Contest.

The art that accompanies this work may be viewed separately by clicking the links below:
Secret Tunnels - a Red Warriors illustration 
Apothecary Mechanic - a Red Warriors illustration 
The Red Warriors - characters
The Red Warriors - inner title page 

To see just the text,  click the following link:
The Red Warriors: A Short Story (text only) 

Thank you especially to :iconlagueuse: for granting me permission to use a photo of her original craftwork, leather bracers Steampunk!

Thank you to the following for their amazing brushes! –

:iconredheadstock: :  Grungy n Dirty Photoshop and GIMP Brushes

Thank you to the following for their wonderful stock images! –

:iconafter-stock: : Painted Gun - Heaven's Light
:iconcylonka: : Red ribbons PNG + JPG
:icondirewrath: : Robot png stock 1          
:iconfaestock: : Amelia4 
:iconfairiegoodmother: : Armor Stock 28 
:iconfantasystock: : Ophthalmological Phoroptor 3            
:iconjademacalla: : REQ24_Boots
:iconjean52: : Vieux tour 
:iconmalleni-stock: : Old factory Stock 217
:iconmargarita-morrigan: : Cannons         
:iconmizzd-stock: : Desert Warrior 1, Post Apoc Warrior 20 Mizzd-stock by mizzd-stock, Steam Punk Queen 5 by mizzd-stock, & Steam Punk Queen Pack 6
:iconmom-espeace: : Belts Png Stock (reposted)
:iconpiratelotus-stock: : Brass Wheel Pack
:iconraindroppe: : New York 3     
:iconrgdart: : Chain linked diamond mesh fence - png + psd by RGDart
:iconroy3d: : Steam Zeppelin PNG Stock
:iconsanitystock: : Sanity Stock 4
:iconspectral-stock: : Steampunk I & Steampunk XI
:icontasastock: : Teira 30 
:iconthe-egg-carton: : eggstock0031       
:iconxxx-0x0-xxx: : Rustic Benches pack of 7
:iconzememz: : 3D Potion Shelf 

© 2016 - 2021 SybilThorn
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Seal Of Awesome by Drury-Lane Go to my gallery>BuddingBeautyAward> to find out more about how awesome you are!
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Wow! Thank you so very much!
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This is awesome! I love the way everything is laid out! Can't wait to read the next one!!! Thanks again for the wonderful job!!! XXXOOO!!!!!
SybilThorn's avatar
Thank you so so so very much!
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Ah!! I finally got it to let me comment and fav!  This is great work ^^  I really like the story, but I feel like it's a longer story that's been stuffed into a short one.  You could absolutely make this novel-length!  Have you thought about writing it out longer at all?  I think it would work :)
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Thanks for coming back to fav it even after all of the tech issues!
Thank you for enjoying my story and for the suggestion! It is quite a compliment to me to hear that a story that I have come up with has enough potential to become a novel! I had considered turning it into perhaps a screenplay, but unless somebody was willing to collaborate with me on it, I will doubtfully ever do so. Unfortunately, my own physical disability makes it so that typing is exceedingly difficult and draining, which often limits how much and how long I can type without adverse effects (a truly sad thing because I am a verbose writer). For this reason, it takes me exponentially longer to type up a whole story than to think it up and I more often than not loose interest in longer projects before I even reach the halfway point in typing.
PirateLotus-Stock's avatar
Can you do speech to text? 
SybilThorn's avatar
Unfortunately (and rather stupidly), not really. My vocal quality, while perfectly articulate (I'm a trained actor, so my voice is of great importance to me, and the daughter of a Speech Language Pathologist, so my speech is carefully pronounced), is one that doesn't register well with the current speech-to-text technology, resulting more often than not in it typing something vastly different from what I had dictated. It usually only gets about 30% to 40% correct, which just creates even more work for me, as I then have to fix its mistakes as well as my own.

There is a bright side to typing being so burdensome, however! It forces me to polish and refine each aspect of a story, from overall plot to the structure and flow of each individual sentence, before I expel my energy in typing it. This makes it so that my first drafts are usually fairly close to what I am wanting and that very little must be changed for my final draft.
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Hmm, I wonder if you could get someone else to type it for you.  It might go slowly, like they can only do an hour or so at a time.  I dunno :/
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It certainly is an option. I used to use scribes all the time, but then I discovered that my writing tended to flow better when I wasn't dictating it (this was at a time when typing was less difficult for me than it is now). So, I lost contact with all of my scribes. Now that my condition has progressed to the point where typing is so much harder, I would certainly consider using a scribe again! It is only a matter of finding somebody willing and paying them for their services.

Thank you for caring enough to brainstorm ways to make it easier for me to write! I'm truly touched that you would take interest in helping me figure out how to write this story in a longer format! :tighthug:
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Ah yeah, I can imagine it's difficult to write that way.  Hard to read over what you've already got and then make little edits and things like that.  I wonder if you could find some kind of service for people with disabilities and things like that?  I know there are reading services, I wonder if you could get them to do the opposite XD  (Not sure what your condition is, and if it counts as disability, but might be worth looking-into; some of the services are less specific/restrictive than others)

No problem, I think the story could be much longer, as I already said.  There are plenty of places you could elaborate on, like the back story of all the girls.  I think that's what I would be most interested in learning more about :)
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I'll definitely ask my disabilities coordinator if a service like that exist. :D

I might definitely write more stories in this universe, including the backstories of the main characters. :)
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cool :) i like it

thanks for using my stock :hug:
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Thank you so very much!
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