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The Count and the Countess

Meet the Count and his beautiful Countess. Together, these two immortal vampires delight in the dark revelry of the kill. After centuries of murder, they have found new ways to satiate their murderous appetites. Their most recent hobby is creating art from their many victims. This art they display in a private gallery in their extravagant mansion. Here you can see this gallery:

Mature Content

Macabre Museum, A Killer's Collection by MeloCardio

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Thank you to the following for their lovely stock!-

:iconenchantedgal-stock: - Marble Stone Texture Stock
:iconalmudena-stock: - Fireplace 1
:iconmirandarose-stock: - Castle Light Stock
:iconanomalies13: - Frame Stock
:iconfaestock: - Rhian10
:icondeswitath: - Posing with the sword

The Count and Countess:
:icondeswitath: - Immortal Taste 2
:iconfalln-stock: - Doll Musseum 3
:iconfaestock: - Eclipse2.4
:iconlucy-eth-stock: - Vampires Fangs 04.

:iconmoonglowlilly: - Blood DripPng Blood Drips 5,Blood Puddle, Bloody Glass
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I want to see who's in the frame.I thought vampires had no reflection.
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Lol! I figure the portrait is a painting of them. :D
Here are the images I used to make that portrait:
Posing with the sword by deswitath & Rhian10 by faestock
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Duh me-portrait. Nice work.
SybilThorn's avatar
Lol! :XD: Thank you!
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Gorgeous work! Heart 
SybilThorn's avatar
Thank you so much!
AliaChek's avatar
You are welcome! Hug
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seem like a lovely couple hehehe way cool!
SybilThorn's avatar
Haha! Yeah.
Thank you!
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Awesome work! :)
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You're welcome! :)
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