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Ryder Davis was a 20 year old Silas College psychology student interning at Umeraspin Asylum And Rehabilitation Center, the largest mental hospital in Nierhoesville. Umeraspin was devided into four buildings, the Deeton Building (housing the Addiction Rehabilitation Department, where addicts of all kinds were treated in the hopes of recovery), the Siol Building (housing the Department for the Management of Psychological Conditions, where patients were treated in the hopes of learning to manage their conditions before being discharged), the McGreggor Building (housing the Institute for the Unmanageably and/or Criminally Insane, where patients were committed for long-term treatment and given asylum), and the Harrison Building (housing the Department of Psychological Research, where scientists performed various studies, research projects, and experiments). Ryder worked as a Lab Tech in the Harrison Building. One day, she was getting off of work when a gunman took her hostage, forcing her to get into her car and drive as he instructed. The gunman, Dwight Nickels, was convinced that the Umeraspin facility was keeping his girlfriend, a patient in the Deeton Building, hostage and planned to kidnap an Umeraspin employee in order to negotiate a hostage trade. While driving as Nickels directed, Ryder crashed the car into a semi-truck (whether this was an accident or a purposeful act, even Ryder isn't so certain). The semi-truck, which had been hauling hazardous waste from Sci Inc. Research Laboratories (a privately owned corporation that was the leading center for subatomic research), flipped over, drenching Ryder's vehicle and the surrounding area in its dangerous cargo. Nickels was killed on impact and Ryder was paralyzed from the waist, down. After the accident, Ryder was contained in a quarantined hospital room for several weeks until doctors could assuredly say that she was healthy and that her presence would not serve as a contaminate. Once discharged from quarantine, Ryder began a strict and difficult regime of physical therapy. It was during this time that she began to notice strange events. Unbeknownst to her, her physical therapist was installed by Sci Inc. in order to observe her for any effects from contact with the hazardous waste produced by their experiments. One day, her physical therapist witnessed Ryder apparently move a cup into her hand with her mind, an erie green energy blazing from her eyes and hand, and surrounding the cup like a mist before ebbing away. After discussing the incident with his superiors, it was decided that Ryder should be given the opportunity to study her new abilities by joining their top secret experiment, code-name: the Caelestis Project (which was funded by a government contract and sought to create a safe and reliable method of enhancing soldiers). Ryder, after being taken into the Sci Inc. Research Labs and introduced to several test-subjects with various enhanced abilities (all the test-subjects were female because it had been discovered that higher levels of testosterone when mixed with the experimental enhancement solution resulted in dangerous instability in the chemical reaction in the body), agreed to join the project. The test-subjects (3 government agents, 1 retired professional athlete, and 1 slightly mad scientist that had volunteered for the experiment), including Ryder, honed their abilities at the Sci Inc. Warehouse. However, after Sci Inc. Headquarters was bombed by unknown terrorists, Ryder and the other test-subjects devoted themselves and their powers to bringing the culprits to justice. They formed a team of superheroines and from that point on, used their powers to fight crime across the city of Nierhoesville. Ryder, with her telekinetic abilities, took on the moniker Kinesis. Later, other superheroines joined the group and the team became known as the League of Legendary Lasses.

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