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This piece, inspired by A special Christmas present - Contest, has been planned for a while, but I finally was actually able to work on it. It took upwards of 10 hours to complete. I'm rather happy with the result! I recommend full view.

This piece is dedicated to Grey C. Dixon, :iconwhitetigerforever:'s son.

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Della-Stock's avatar
Super awesome!Thanks for using my stock
SybilThorn's avatar
Thank you so much!
SybilThorn's avatar
It was my absolute pleasure, my friend! I am so glad that his Christmas was everything you wanted for him!
Charlene-Art's avatar
Well done! The robot reminds me of something out of Artificial Intelligence.
SybilThorn's avatar
Thank you!
Ha! That is so cool! I've never seen that movie, but now I just might! :p
Charlene-Art's avatar
It is a fantastic film! I highly recommend it!
SybilThorn's avatar
:D Maybe I'll watch it tomorrow.
12PeaceArt's avatar
Wow... this is terrific work! I'm totally impressed!
SybilThorn's avatar
Thank you so very much!
alphadevilll's avatar
I love both the concept and execution :) .very nice work.
SybilThorn's avatar
Thank you so much! :huggle:
DamselStock's avatar
Awesome job! Thank you for using my stock!
SybilThorn's avatar
Thank you so much!
Wesley-Souza's avatar
wow beautiful work :clap: i loved the concept :D
SybilThorn's avatar
Thank you so much!
PendragonArts-GEA's avatar
Omg, omg.... omg... I'm crying... thank you... thank you so much.... please enter it... please... It says so much... it means so much... thank you.
SybilThorn's avatar
I am so touched that it effected you so!
PendragonArts-GEA's avatar
You may not realize this but you didn't just create a work of art... you are telling a story in that image about my son... I'm speechless and I keep looking at it...
SybilThorn's avatar
Now I'm tearing up, myself!
SybilThorn's avatar
Julianez's avatar
Wonderful concept. :)
SybilThorn's avatar
Thank you so much!
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