Chapter 5

Chapter Four


Winning Faction

The results are in!

After an epic battle between the two factions, the Disciples have emerged victorious! Congratulations to everyone for your hard work and competitive spirit in this event, we saw an amazing outpouring of effort and skill from both teams.

All points have been tallied and double checked, and additional bonus points have been awarded. Bonus points were awarded for entries that showed above-average effort in stretching your personal capabilities, attention to the heart and soul of the event or setting, or showed exemplary teamwork or personal development. The reasons behind the bonus point entries are recorded as a note, and the entry on the score sheet highlighted in green. Hovering over the cell with the entry will display the note explaining our reasons for awarding a bonus point to that entry. We encourage everyone to take a look at some of the cream of the crop, but it was very hard to decide—there is a lot of excellent content!

And finally, now that the event is over, players may freely roleplay in-canon all the way up to March 1st, 1897!

This roleplay window encompasses over a year’s worth of time. We encourage members to make good use of it to hit any personal narrative notes you have planned, beach your ships, and establish the relationships you want in place for the final leg of our journey, as the roleplay windows between last events will be much shorter. The end of the story of Sybal Heim is in sight, and we look forward to building up to it with you all and your fantastic kids!

The Aftermath

For nearly five whole days a small handful of suspects have sat waiting inside of Kardia Manor as the police work to determine whether any of them are guilty of the murder of Captain Bleddyn. Each suspect has been questioned thoroughly as to their recent actions, locations, intentions, and general opinions and public leanings. Needless to say it has been an unusual experience for those involved, and as the protest outside of Karia’s walls turns violent, those inside begin to wear equally thin.

But, once the rioting is quelled, a handful of police return for one last round of questions, and as afternoon sets in on the 25th, an unexpected visitor arrives at the parlor. Theo greets the group with a familiar formality, thanking them all for their cooperation during their stay, and with surprisingly little fanfare he tells them something they have all been waiting to hear.

You are free to leave.

He informs the group that after investigation, they have each been cleared of suspicion and will be free to return to their daily lives. There is an air of relief and surprise inside the parlor, but as Theo motions to escort the group back towards the Manor’s exit, a slow realization dawns.

The interviews had not yet finished.
One person is missing from their ranks.
Where is Nadiya?

“I’m afraid we’ve uncovered a rather different narrative, Ms Strălucitor.”

The story continues in this short Literature piece by Godessfae and Art-Zealot! Be sure to give it a read before you continue!

The case against Nadiya is not public domain, so any details published by city news networks are riddled with rumor, misinformation, and exaggeration. Some decry the sentence as a miscarriage of justice and flimsy evidence while others report that police found the murder weapon stashed in her apartment. The case may be closed, but certainty is elusive.

With a murderer sentenced, most of those who were arrested during the Kardia Protest are released with no charges by the morning of November 26th, though a few particularly violent individuals who inflicted deliberate injury on their fellow citizens are given a longer jail sentence and remain in the Kardia Precinct.

For Players, that means: the police are erring on the lenient side in this particular instance. Even if your character was arrested for causing a bit of ruckus at the Protest, you can get off with no charges—just a note on their Citizen Records. Players who would like their characters to get in more trouble, or you aren’t sure if their actions would count as “deliberate injury,” feel free to ask the Mods! Ultimately their fate is up to you, but we can help if you’re not sure how to get them where you want them. Characters who are sentenced to a bit more jail time will most likely be transferred out of Kardia Precinct and back to their Home District’s more suitable long-term holding facilities.

State of the City

(as of December 1895)

Come the end of 1895, the city, for many, is a ‘safer’ place. Crime rates have diminished. Those who have been negatively affected by the recent lawlessness are beginning to piece their lives back together. Yet even as the security of its citizens begins to return, it is clear that not all is as it once was. Following the events of the Kardia Protest, Basileus begins a low-tolerance policy which sees large public gatherings heavily policed, or outright forbidden. Those who seek change in the unchanging city are no longer viewed with the same benefic tolerance. It is more dangerous to speak out against the Organizer than ever before.

In the space of just a few short months, the Vigilant Twilight has gone from being a loosely-organized group of like-minded individuals to an influential neighborhood watch. Those with connections to the ‘family’ enjoy increased prosperity and protection. Those who work against them must now do so with great care. At the helm of this ship, Esperanza looks at what their vision (and their funding) has wrought, and contemplates the meaning of success...

“I’ve seen good things come of them here, and their work seems effective, if unorthodox. I don’t know who their leader might be, but I think she’s doing a fine job.”

Check out this short Literature piece by Leunbrund and Starhorse. There are some juicy details in here, so be sure to give it a read!

In Closing

At risk of sounding like a broken record: we are so completely floored by the amount and quality of art and literature we saw out of you all over the past two months. The final count in the Event Folder was in the neighborhood of 226 submissions. Seriously, we can’t say it enough. You killed it, and we’re so proud of you all as a community of creators who come out swinging for the fences!

And of course, we want to take a special moment to shout-out some of you who went WELL above and beyond the requirements of the event with 15 or more (so many more...) submissions!

E4 Chaos outside by Amazie-Star
[SH E4] Convictions (Lit) by drawingFrog

SH E4 - Cayo And the Vigilant Twilight by FishKid28
Kardi Kronicles: day 2 by GodessFae
[SH E4] - Wake's Wrath by Blue-Starr

(Honorable Mention: 14 Subs)
SH: E4 | Hell Hath No Fury by meridianskies
Each and every submission from all of you is worth a closer look, and we encourage you all to dive back into the Event Folder and sink your teeth into these excellent stories. We also invite you to consider submitting your inter-connected threads and event arcs to the Arc folder, for ease of access and chronological reading! You can get a refresher on how to submit those Arcs in This Journal!

Thus closes Chapter Four. It was a wild ride, and it’s only going to get wilder in Chapter Five, friends. For now, sit back and relax and get them plans brewing. And thank you for continuing to be the absolute best!


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