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Mordred Knight of the Ballroom

By Syas-Nomis
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Mordred (FGO(Best Saber)) being transformed into a lovely princess in a pretty dress. A request from Operandx from my closed Request Box. Also a sorta sequel to my Saber cheerleader and housewife Jalter. Hope you guys enjoy the sequence.
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pretty lady

good work

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Nice, I also love the progression of her hair, it feels like it could be perfectly reasonable for her somehow?

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Nice job, and we need more of Mordred being turned into a princess or girly girl

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Agreed. She's far too uncouth and wild to left alone.

SU78crew's avatar

and turning her into a princess is criminally under utilized. We need a princess caster Morded.

OperandX's avatar

Caster Mordred to go along with Caster Artoria

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i want to to see the animation of this sequence

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The transitions between each section are flawless. Amazing job!
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Mordred is best waifu

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This is just blessed XD. Pretty princess Morderd is something I didn’t know I need. But is good!

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Man, this looks great.

Mordred had turn from rebellious to elegant.

Also, agree that Mordred is best Saber

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Weeeell, I have a thing for Saber Alter’s aesthetic myself. Though turning a tomboy into such a feminine princess is always nice.
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Wow she looks beautiful Syas great job~!

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Mordred looks quite lovely in pink, it seems~

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I love this sequence. Everything about this sequence looks good.

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I love the way the dress looks with the gloves built into it, it looks super comfy and I'd love to wear it ^w^

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