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Feather Brushes

I made some Gimp brushes!! I made these because I never found any Gimp brushes that were feathers...maybe I'm not looking hard enough, but oh well. This is my first time making brushes. So please don't be too hard on me...and I ran out of ideas after the fourth brush, so that's why there's only four of them...these are probably the only set of brushes I'll make, unless ideas come into my mind and I get obsessed with making them. My little brother said they really looked like feathers, so maybe that will also encourage me to make more ^^

(If you use them, then you have to give me credit!! I'm not greedy, it's just the way of life.)
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I have downloadedthis and went through the steps but aren't the brush supposed to have a black feather with a white background?
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How to download ?
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Actually, I found out the problem that a lot of people were reporting about the white lines. The problem is that there is no transparent background, so you get the white surrounding the feather. Might wanna try and fix that.
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I downloaded this, because quite frankly they're gorgeous, and I only got one out of four. I'm not sure if the issue is with my pc, but I'll try again. 
Hi, I would like your permission to use this brush. I want to make some books for childrens. I am waiting for an answer. Thank you for your time.

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Thanks for these *^*/
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how do you download,all I get is a big white line when I use the brush
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Actually, I take what I said back. I'm having the same issue. 
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How did you save the brush? Because what you should do is go up to edit, select copy, then paste as-new brush. After that, the spacing should be set to 0, and named whatever will work for you. And voila!
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they are beautiful brushes. i love them
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Beautiful brushes. :)
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Thanks, they're cool
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Thank you so much .. They are so pretty :3
I love Feathers & Doves :) Love they Look amazing your lil brother was right :) ~Great Job~!
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