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Dragonfly Valentine

Happy Valentine's Day!
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LOVE IT & the colors are AMAZING :)
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AMAZING, stunning and beautiful! I just started your Apophysis beginner's tutorial. Thank you SO so much for providing the tutorial and information. I am brand spankin new at these fractals and the Apophysis program. This stuff is so neat!

Did you create this Dragonfly Valentine in Apophysis alone? If so, WOW! I can't wait to be able to create such a crystal clear image. So far it's a little murky and clumsy. LOL

Anyway, I mainly just wanted to post on how much I love this image amongst so many others of yours. Thank you again for your help with the tutorial.
Take care and best wishes to you and your family
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Yes, only Apo... and my sig added. That's it.
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That is so amazing!

Well, I've been working with Apo and I have some questions that I can't seem to find just yet in tutorials. Is there a way I can chat with you 1 on 1 perhaps? Maybe Yahoo messenger or something? I don't use messenger very often. I would like to ask you a couple of things that I think you can answer for me. My e-mail, btw, is You're welcome to e-mail me there too since I don't get to D.A. too often.
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what program do you use to make something like this i absoulutly amazed
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Apophysis :) It's Open Source (free).
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Really beautiful. I'm very impressed
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I want to figure out how to exactly use apo and when I can use it and what for and stuff...
I'm downloading your tut atm :)

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Love the coloring of this, wish I could figure out how to get apo to do that for me :D :+favlove:
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=] The colours are amazing!
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This is fantastic! Happy valentines day =D
How long did it take to make this?
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Dreamy, creative, explosively colorful, and VERY exciting.

Great work with this fractal! :love:
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Utterly Beautiful :)
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