Rouge the Bat

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They call me a slut

A bitch

And a whore

They don't look into my heart,

My soul

They only see what they want

But someday


I'll be flying in the freedom.
A poem about Rouge
© 2007 - 2021 SXR4life
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KarmaNeutral's avatar
Uhh...i don't quite understand the ending. "I'll be flying in freedom" ? Why exactly? Wasn't she a jewel-hunter,spy freelancer to begin with?

I've always seen Rouge as a cunning yet seductive kind of woman.She's not a slut she just act flirty on purpose,because she's also a women of class.

Some says she dresses like that bacause is some way to find validation and admiration as a woman,but i think it's also because she uses that attractive looks of hers to fit her image.She's sophisticated,cunning and analitical,yet she cares deeply for the people she loves.

This...poem in my opinion doesn't describe her at all.It's a very superficial image of her of someone who has just approached the fandom.
SaltwaterJanuary's avatar
Yeah, Rouge deserves more respect...but she SHOULD respect herself in not showing herself as a....yeah.
CrusaderMaverick's avatar
She's a Femme-Fatale, she seduces, then push her own agenda, it's part of her charm.
ambda's avatar
Are there people who actually like this shit? Seriously?
MotherbrainJr's avatar
Then don't act like a bitch, don't act like a whore, know your men, don't let them see more.
Super-Knuckles's avatar
yeah, i can see inside your heart... YOU ARE A THIEF!!! GIMME MY MASTER EMERALD!!!!!
Gowina's avatar
don't worry rouge i will be always love you no matter what people say about you
Rouge Emoticon 
PrincessRachelBlueo's avatar
Don't worry Rouge, I'm sure most of us care about you..........
kaze-no-shojo's avatar
so what if she has big boobs?  She's sexy and in my opinion the most in depth female sonic character :9

awesome poem!
J25TheArcKing's avatar
So true this poem, she's not a slut, bitch and a whore...

She's trying to be sexy and beautiful, that's what Rouge is...

My friends don't understand... :(

Cutiebat99's avatar
This poem is the truth! I mean really- never judge a book by its cover! stupid 4kids
ZoZo1999's avatar
i like the poem about rouge...i is a good poem.
kase1317's avatar
I love this! I know how rouge would feel (if she was real) people say that about me and all I try to do is help. And they just see big boobs.
Claws-Prower's avatar
She's not a slut. She's just a flirt. :D
sidviscous's avatar
I don't understand why people hate her so much. If she is such a bitch, than why does she rescue other charecters so many times?
Passionworks's avatar
Clever poem! Simplistic, but in the whole sence, a very true poem! Excellent use of her theme! :+fav:
Vaders-pink-slippers's avatar
Very poigniant! I love the way you express her emotions and perspective - Simple yet beautiful!
misuzukityo's avatar
what a great poem! <3
RougeEKnuckles's avatar
SXR4life's avatar
thank you so much :hug:
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