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August 24, 2006
reflexion by ~sXnc is really unique; sXnc has put alpha-blending to good use with this minimalistic Winamp Modern skin. I love it!
Featured by abhimanyughoshal
Suggested by iamlame
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#added, with even less features than reflexion!

- no color themes
- no volume bar
- no close/ minimize buttons
- doesnt work on bright wallpapers

- winamp5 skin
- uses same playlist/standardframe skin as barracuda
- works with latest winamp version

## important ##
alpha blending must be enabled for this skin
to activate it: right click winamp -> options -> preferences -> modern skins -> alpha blending -> enable desktop alpha blending...
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Ive been playing around with it and i must say... Its one of the most nice looking skins out there, but at the same time one of the more incomplete ones as well.
Im sure its been asked quite a lot or perhaps not enough? This skin really needs a proper playlist and media lib. Also, it would be great if a playlist button and close button would be added to the main player and a volume indicator is really essential to any player ever. Its really downgrading it a lot while looking this amazing.