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a Date With Fate



hey there! xD In case you guys are wondering, that big ass mofo there is actually part mechanical part human, though the human part is mostly gone xD In my messy and incomplete fiction, these suits are developed by the ppl in the ruling class and are presented to the general public as gods or deities when in actuality its actually just a steam powered mechanical suit built for warring purposes.

For it to work it needs a human host (this part i havent quite flesh out yet but here's the rough concept) aging warriors who wish to not simply die, offer themselves as hosts or for experimentation (of course they do not know what they are actually getting themselves into) and all this is covered up with some fancy ritual thingy where if they are worthy of becoming a god (which means they are suitable hosts or if they need a lab rat ) they are taken in. If they are not however, they'll just make it seem like he died taken by the gods or some shit xD How the ritual is presented to the public i havent figured out yet or whether i want it publicized or done privately i havent decided D: I'm focusing more on the main characters now xD

And after being taken in, drugged and bla bla bla. They'll prepare his body for the suit (some gruesome surgery stuff im thinking oh! think darth vader xDD) and yeah then he'll be grafted to the suit except unlike vader they do not retain their humanity, their brains are only kept working and are only responsive to orders that are specifically given to them by their superiors, this is done by some sort of drug that the suit keeps pumping into the hosts.

when not in use, the host are put into a comatose state in the suit and are usually left at temples or castles or whatever important places to look deity-like and when needed they can just boot up from there further selling their false image of a deity to the general public. The public worship these mofos btw xD

that's about it i guess D: I should really write everything down so i won't confuse myself >.<
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Wow this is pretty rad! Great goin' here overall^^ Say how do you do an action scene like this? How do you draw all "dynamic" I'd love to know~