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The Sleeping Serpent

GAH! Finally finish A painting D: I dunno if the mask is too big but it seems fine to me because i needed it to be big enough to house the various machineries thingies inside xD i've been painting and drawing abit lately but never could finish them for some reason D: I've got a couple of leftover sketches i hope i can finish D: wait... this is supposed to be in my journal.... bah fuck it, im lazy to type and it's late anyways >.<

Anyways hope you guys enjoy this uhhh quick treat? While i try to cook up something better D: Work's been killing me ->: (

Anyways enjoy it and oh, i've changed my watermark to something more befitting hahaha xD Alrights it's late now, gotta sleep xD Goodnight guys! i use anyways alot....
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Holy f’ing sh*t dude.
rainbow cry rainbow cry rainbow cry rainbow cry 

Faved. Watched and I am your eternal follower Onionhead blood - Onion head 
you are my new god 
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Hello there... I am interested in your works. Our company is doing a TCG and would love to get your work featured in it. Please notify me through my FB if you are interested. My FB is Muazzam Haji Musa
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Can you give me link to Download this Image at your described image "Size"  
i love it! nice work!
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I love your works! <3
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I love this piece.  It's awesome how you can be so expressive with the lighting, rain, and posture. 
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One of my favourite :D
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haha thats me man >: D
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WOW! amazing art work, congratulations!
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really badass!
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great work...!!
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This is creepy looking 
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the mask is great do u have a pic of it alone?
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really interesting work
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I simply love that mask and it just works so well that I must fav this.
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This is kick ass! Great stuff mate!
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