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That Sunshine Smile

past 12am, 28/03/12, it's my birthday again! So here's my birthday present from myself to myself <: D sad is'nt it? xD

Oh wells, hope you guys like it xD
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I think you are in love :D

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hahaha 8 years ago xDD

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wow, this is such an amazing picture. it gives so much warmth to me. I can really feel the life that speaks through it.

is she someone you like? :)
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Only thing id have to say is the mouth doesn't look the right proportion but that is the only thing wrong with this. I just cant get over how amazing the hair is, it doesnt look like you've painted it it's that realistic :).
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Ohgod that hair is gorgeous. o.O The body posture is perfect! Might wanna widen the smile a bit. I love how the grass is done!
You have to be the definition of a hater to hate this. This is a great picture.
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so cute ! this makes me wanna go play final fantasy lol :) amazing work
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sunny) I really like it)
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Truly amazing!!!! Everything in this drawing looks so natural that you can mistake it with a photo. I'm in love with the way you do the hair, truly amazing. Btw Happy Birthday!!! (good to know that I'm not the only one giving presents to myself :D)
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so cool! and happy birthday! :) havnt talked to you for ages :p
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Well done!! :clap:
And psst, don't worry I've given myself a present on my b-day too XD
Happy Birthday :iconfuncakeplz: even though i'm a bit late ^.^;;
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HAPPY BDAY!! and wow the hair looks amazing. although what part of this doesnt look amazing. another great piece. So pretty
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Happy Birthday! :) Your art is amazing, keep on drawing ♥
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Oh this is soo prettyy~ She looks so happy and the background is awesome~ c: The way you do hair is amazing too :ohnoes:
Andandand happpy birthdaaay :icononicheer:
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Happy Birthday! :D

If it's not bad to say>>"
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Happy birthday, my birthday is tomorrow ;)
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This is just gorgeous! (:
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Awww happy birthday sweet heart :P
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aww thank youu ^__^ your profile picture gave me a fright btw >.<
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Aww anytime fright in how ahh the doll nah is all good is a good fright hehehe
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happy Birthday really nice present :D :party: :cake:
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haha thank youuu ^__^
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you are welcome :D:D
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