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Sengoku Captain America

By sXeven
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Captain Japan? I honestly don't know how to name him, seems like any variation would be weird af xD I've been meaning to complete this in awhile, after some time working on him in between commissions i'm finally able to finish him.

I changed some design aspects of his character into more period appropriate aesthetics mainly the star into a flower and the "A" on his head to look more like a Torii. I decided to keep his round shield instead of the more traditional samurai rectangular shields because that would make him more mobile and well it would be easier and more aerodynamic to throw xD Anyways hope you guys like it! <: D

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captain Yamato

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This is really creative! Just call him Steve.

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Next:Spider-man Japan.

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WOW I never thought I would love a samurai captain America LOL

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we need this character in a captain america anime that would be dope

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Interesting to see. Would be cool if there was an alternate Marvel Universe in Feudal Japan

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Didn't Captain Amrtica fight the Japanese though?

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germans in world war 2 I dont think he fought the japanese even though they sided with the nazis

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Maybe in this world, Japanese culture spread over the world instead of Western Culture?

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Awesome work!

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Wow! That was unbelievably amazing!

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I love this, I don't know what you could name him as differently. But I love the aesthetic changes!

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Daimiyo America

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Simply amazing I love all the renditions . Maybe Captain Rising Sun

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very interesting concept.

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America. Feudal America Storyline. He could fight a Wolverine that's say from feudal Canada 🇨🇦

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